How to Remove a Beached Boat

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    thats a shame, im sure there was an insurance policy on it and a new ones on the way.

  3. Talk about fishing shallow!
  4. I would have found a better way if they let me keep the boat.....
  5. That sucks!!!! If that was my boat, I would be crying as I watched them do that....but then again if I have a 1.5 million dollar boat, I am sure I have another one or at least the money to get another
  6. How odd :confused:. Why not just winch it onto a flatbed and haul it away? Must be a lot more to the story...

    BTW, that's not a $1.5m boat.
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    ah but they aren't showing you the 1.25m worth of columbian marching powder in bricks in the cabin ;)
  8. Didnt look like it to me...but just giong with what the link said at the top.
  9. Yep, lots more to the story. I went to the forum and read some of the posts. It was full of sand and seawater and the stern was crushed on the starboard side. I was thinking about the fuel ect on board and that's what piqued my interest to read some more.
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    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    Yes there was more to the is one guy's explanation and more pictures:

    this took place in the bahamas, at the DEvils' backbone, late june early july

    if you look closely, you will see that the boat is not only buried in the sand, it's also filled with sand and water, leaving really nothing to salvage. in one of the first pictures, it even looks like the stern is broken up on the starboard side.

    a friend of mine was there when it happened, here are a couple more pictures. apparently, the owner/captain didn't want to pay a pilot from Spanish Wells to transit that tricky passage...

    the second picture was taken while they were pumping the fuel out of the tanks.

    this is a grim reminder that once a boat gets beached in the surf, it's really game over. the wave action will fill the boat and bury the hull deep in the sand.



  11. Wow! Before i read that theres more to the story, I was gonna say to wait for the tide to come back in and drive it away.
  12. You're correct. I went out to and 60ft Searays can be purchased for $1,450,000. Of course alot depends on how the yacht is fitted..
    Of coarse, I'm just guessing on the length it might only be a 50 footer. Thats just another world that I seldom travel in.