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how to hide wires?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by peon, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. peon

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    well iv gotten into rewireing everything.. i rewired the trailer... works great now.. rewired nav lights.... iv done car audio for a while and know how to hide that stuff. thats simple... but i have no where to hide the wires in my boat???????? i dont want them under my feet... i have a wire running from the front nav light to the back of the boat.... there has to be some sort of way to get them outa my feet and hid?????? i know when/ if i put a floor in it i can hide it under there but wont have that mind of money till tax return :D
  2. I assume your boat does not have a floor. Purchase a length of plastic tubing and run the wire through it. Get some of those self adhesive small pads that you run an electrical zip tie thrpoug. Mount the pad on the side of the boat and secure the tube to it with the zip tie. I have used these pads on the transom of two boats to secure the transducer cable and they never came off even though exposed to water.

  3. peon

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    never thought of that... my boat has a lip at the top that sticks out.... i could run the tube up there to keep it off the floor cause my boat has a small leak and id rather keep the wires out of the water the best i can.. think it could hold onto the lip with nothing under it to support it???
  4. A piece of old garden hose works well also.
  5. Cat Mazter

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    When I have to rewire a Boat I try to run the wire on the Inside edge of the Boat where there is a Little Groove going from Front to Back. I run a Silicone bead the whole way down it & put all my wires in a Plastic wire cover & Seat it in the Silicone so it wont move at all, Its out of the way & water proof. If not that way then I would follow what the other guys have told you. ;)
    Cat Mazter
  6. Cat m does it the same way I do,plus put a piece of tape on it to hold in place till it dries. ;)