How to attach flouro leader to fireline??

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Johnny Bravo, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. I like to use fireline on pretty much all spinning tackle and I usually use a uni to uni knot when bass fishing. But I'm not sure this will withstand steelhead fishing.

    How do most of you attach a flouro leader? small swivel? What length of leader is typical?

  2. bigcats28

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    Using a micro-swivel would be your best bet. But someone else will have to fill you in on the length of leader as I am wondering the same thing.

  3. You could also use a double uni knot, but the micro-swivel would be goood too. Depending on what kind of water you are fishing, my leader is usually about 4 or 5 feet.
  4. floro to braid I use a back to back uni, floro to mono a triple surgeons. I try to stay away from swivels, I'm one of those that likes minimal terminal tackle.
  5. minimal tackle i just fill the whole spoole with flouro , i just strip some line off each trip or every couple of fish. i retie every couple of fish
  6. Which side of the float do you guys typically make the connection on? I would guess that you make the flouro leader short enough to put the float on the main line.

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    I fly fish but I even still use a small barrel swivel to attach my mono to my flouro for steelheading. I use improved clinch knots on both sides of the swivel and to tie on the fly or lure. never lost a steelie yet!
  8. I always use a micro-swivel to connect mainline to leader to help reduce line twist. Your leader line should be of weaker breaking strength than your mainline. I tie palomar knots (strongest knot) to the swivel and use a clinch knot (weaker knot)to tie hook to leader...this way when I break off on a snag I will almost always break off just above the hook and not lose any more of my rig. Float should go on the mainline.