How old is he - score guess?

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  1. Got him couple days ago. Just wondering what you think!

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  2. Hard to tell from just one pic. But if I had to guess 2.5 and 115". No way to really tell without seeing the spread and all the tines.

  3. i agree. maybe 120-125 if hes a 3.5 year old
  4. ya, need to see that neck from side and rack from a better angle...
    His face/head looks young- 2.5 probably.
    any deer this time of year is a trophy!
  5. Pic. turned out a little dark said before need more pics..looks young ...maybe 2 1/2 ...could score 120 to 125...C.L...
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  6. My guess is 2.5 years old. As was mentioned it is impossible to give a score with that angle of picture. By the degree of mass to the beams I would be surprised if he made 120" unless he is exceptionally long and wide. But again that is just a WILD guess.
  7. The split G2 is pretty cool.
  8. Probably 2 1/2 year old. It's hard to tell from that angle, but there isn't enough horn there to score 120.

  9. BOO

    BOO HUA!!!!

    115 and hes probably 2 1/2
  10. One Legged Josh

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    2.5 years over 100". IMO