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  1. I'm new to boating as I just recent ly purchased my first boat. How much would it cost me roughly if I took the boat somewhere and had someone winterize it for me?
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    what motor i/o or outboard?

  3. Outboard. 80HP Mercury
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    purchase a can of "fogging oil" follow the directions on the can, run out all the fuel in the carbs, add fuel stabalizer to the main tank or drain it out. i like to drain it and start next spring with fresh gas. some people change the lube in the lower unit. i just did mine so ill wait until next year. do a search if i remember dale did a post on winterizing your boat. i was very informative. dont pay to have someone winterize your rig. it is very easy to do.
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    To answer your question about how much it will cost to pay a place to winterize. Probably 80 to 100 bucks at a dealer.
  6. You will be much better off to do as EZbite suggested as you will not only save that $80-100 this year but every year from here on out. If you are unsure of how to do it I imagine you can find someone in your area that could walk you through it. It really is a very easy process and something you will feel much better about knowing how to do yourself.
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    you should put in fresh lube in the lower unit. if there is water mixed in there it will freeze and crack your lower unit. it is very easy to do. got a manual. ebay has them for every motor.either the owners manual or the chiltons. i also baught a parts list so i can look for parts by their correct number. i ONCE paid a dealer to do a 20 hour check on a new motor. cost me $60 for 2 new plugs and 12 oz. of lower unit oil.
  8. I just had a new water pump installed, I wonder what the chances are when I drain the lower unit of finding water mixed in with the oil? Or is it common to find a little?
  9. The water is a result of leakage around the seals on your lower unit, linkage, etc. You will know right away if there is water if you open the bottom drain plug after the motor has sat for a while. The water is heavier than the lube and thus will be in the bottom area. I wouldn't be too concerned if I found some water in there but you will want to keep a close eye on it which is the case anyway. It is always a good idea to occasionally check the fluid anyway and not just the end of the season. If you pull the plugs (pull the top as well so that you can put lube back in) and it is clean fluid then just quickly squeeze some more back in to fill it back up. If you are quick you will not lose much oil at all. This would be the normal maintenance throughout the season. For the winter you will just let it run out completely and then pump it back full. If you are finding a lot of water each time you check it then you will want to have the gaskets/seals replaced but older motors will never fit tight enough to keep all water out over time.