how much weight for a tube in the gmr

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    how much weight should i be using for tubes in the gmr by middletown. I was floating a coffee tube last weekend and caught a couple dinks. found what looks like a good deep hole but cant get any hits on a floating tube. seems like if i use any weight i get hung up in the rocks. I had tubes down in the creek but the current in the river has me all messed up. also do you guys use weights with other plastics like flukes and minnows or just drift them. I have had a rough month on the river.
  2. In a situation where there's snags, I rig my tubes Texas Rig like a worm with an 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 ounce weight. I rarely get hung up this way, and if you use the right hook size and line up the hook, it runs as straight as a jig head.

    I use a 2/0 with a 4" tube and a 1/0 with a 3" tube.