How much snow on MOSQITA?

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  1. Is the snow deep on the north/south end of SKETER? Just wondering if it's as bad as it was a couple of years ago, with the slush & snow!! Could have used a pullin' horse to drag the shanty around then.
  2. :mad: I thought I was going to die today dragging that blasted shanty through that, every bit of 5". It took 45 minutes to get back to the truck this evening! We did get 16 perch & 4 crappies though (all dinks but the one crappie that was about 6") It was good to get out yesterday( as we did manage a 14" eye' too) & today though! :(
    Are you allowed to use 4 wheelers out there? We did see 2 snowmobiles out today.

  3. On the south end there was only 2-3" of snow.
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    man im glad i dont get that kind of snow!! i had about an inch of snow and pulled my shanty all over my lake.. im not joking i fished the entire lake!
  5. no 4 wheelers on mosquito. out of the cemetary the first 20-30yds had slush and snow after that it is very little this was sat after this little bit of snow we go yesterday im sure there is more on the ice now