how much is this worth

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  1. Im looking at a older chevy truck its a 87 2 wheel drive full size. Its got the 350 in it a/c power windows,lock truck Body is in good shape got some rust but not bad. Ithink its got about 157,000 on it. Runs good... I tryed looking it up on KKB but could not find it in that year... Any one with any info Im looking to trade for this truck and wanted to make sure im not geting taking on this deal...


  2. From what you posted here... Kelly Blue Book gives an '88 a value of 1,200 - 1,600 depending on the condition. You can go from there...
  3. I think it was the C10 with the 350... Im i can not find any thing on a v8 thats my trouble :confused:
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    $1,000 cash, or maybe $1200-$1500 in trade.

    Just my .02¢...
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    I would say $800-$1100 depending on things like tires- brakes -exhaust sytem battery etc. Any good running truck is worth that Much ! Good Luck ?
  6. check the cab mounts and the cab corners. i am picking up an 85 on saturday. these are the only trucks i plow with. if the body is nice then 800 should be around the right price. if it was 4x4 then its about double that. any questions pm me and i will let you know what to look for on these trucks.