how much anchor line?

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  1. getting my new boat next mon. this is my first boat. i got a list of things i need on the boat but the one thing i cannot get a answer for is how much anchor line i need. the law says a anchor with enough for the water im boating on. places like ceaser creek has water as deep as 100 ft. do i need 100 ft of line? if anyone has some input i would appriciate it. thanks
  2. That is a good question. I have around 35 or 40 feet. I use my anchor line also as my tending line when I put my boat in the water when I am by myself. I leave the line and anchor disconnected. I use the line and never use the anchor. This way is serves two purposes. The anchor is just required.

  3. If your actually planning to fish 100' of water, you'll need a lot more than 100' of line. Standard rule is 3x the depth. I usually use a lot less than that on lakes unless there's a strong wind. I assume you won't be fishing 100' of water. I usually fish no more than 30' of water and 50' of line works fine for me.
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    If you plan to fish in the OH river, you will want a minimum of 100' otherwise 50' will probably be enough anywhere else in SW OH. As you mentioned, CC has some really deep water. Mostly where you will actually fish is is going to be under 35'. Depending on the size of the boat & if you really plan to be anchored alot might be a determining factor. If you are going to be using it alot, then you will want a thick rope which is easier on the hands, also the weight of the anchor makes a difference. If you are going to be pulling a heavy anchor alot, then you will want a fatter rope. Otherwise, a thin line will work and takes less space on the boat. For my type of fishing, the anchor is indispensible, so a thick rope & lots of it with a heavy navy type anchor is necessary. I'm often in deep water and fast currents.
  5. Unless you have a winding reel or such. 100'+ of anchor line is a mess to handle, it always gets tangled up at the most un-opportune time. And it can be quite dangerous when it pays out. At 100'+ depth don't anchor that deep.

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    I have an orange plastic spool made for winding long extension cords. It works well for a thin 1/4". For my thick lines, I have a plastic milk crate & spool it into it & also drop the anchor on top of it. That lets it all dry out & it goes back in the water without all the tangles.
    Good point Reel, one needs to be carefull of the lines as they can tangle up & become a problem and danger. If you snag a foot in one & fall overboard & your foot is still in the boat & your head underwater....well, you get the picture.