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How Many Rods & Reels do you Own ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Cat Mazter, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    Myself I have about 15- 20 Rods & Reels, I have them for Panfish to Catfish. I also have 2 Tackle Box's 1 for lure fishing & 1 for Catfishing. I was just wondering what everyone else has in the shed. :D All my reels are Open Face reels as I have not progressed to the Baitcasters yet, Might not ever use them. I like the Open face reels alot.
  2. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    buty I have pared down severely in the last few years trying to concentrate on quality stuff instead of quantity. Plus I own a boat and it's a money-thirsty hog. LOL

    I have 8 freshwater combos, everything from ultra-lights to MH bass rods, 4 catfish rods, 2 10' surf rods (for fishing in the surf, not catfishing) and two saltwater boat/stand up rods. So, only 16 combos now. (Wow, I didn't realize I had that many still.) I have gone 100% Shimano on my freshwater gear with the exception of my cat rods. Stradics and Curados only - they'll hold up and work for me for years. I've sold off a lot of my stuff here recently- in fact, some OGF members have bought some of it.

    I don't peruse the catalogs anymore dreaming about buying this rod or this reel. I have what I want and I'll fish it until it either wears out or I find something new I have to have. Then I'll sell my current stuff to help pay for the new stuff. I won't be a packrat anymore and keep every rod I've ever owned.

    You can only fish with a few at a time anyway.


  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I have over 60 rods and reels, mostly for catfishing.
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    but do maybe someday you can say you caught that many fish in your life :D ;)

    my wife is better qualified to answer that question with 2 words(TOO MANY)
    i don't keep count,but she must :rolleyes:
  5. I have a smaller inventory that the previous guys, probably due to me being in college and wife the only one really working. I have 5 rod and reel outfits total. I have 1 medium action bait-casting outfit and four spinning reel outfits. THe spinning outfits range from ultralight to medium heavy action. This lets me use a variety of lure sizes when fishing. I take most of them with me at a time, which my wife doesn't understand! :D :D . The way I see it is a few more options before I have to retie! :D
  6. I think I have a total of about 14 that includes 1 barbie pole (for the little girl that Laura volunteers with), 1 sponge bob pole (for Laura's nephew). Most of them don't get used. But like Misfit said if you asked Laura she would say too many.
  7. Way Way Too Many...
  8. i alone have eight rods and reels. when i start talking to the wife about buying more rods and reels we get into a little fight. then i say "for evey two pairs of shoes you buy but i get a rod and reel." heheeheee.
  9. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Which number do you want? The amount my wife thinks I have, or the true number that I really have? :D
  10. Ðe§perado™

    Ðe§perado™ Catfisherman/Bowfisherman

  11. Way too many, yet strangely…not enough. I’m planning on ordering a pair of carp rods within the next few days. Like smallmouth rods, MANY largemouth rods, surf rods for stripers, catfish rods, and panfish rods are not enough (I even have a rod that I use exclusively for skipjack). Now, I want to open that whole Euro gear can of worms? Let’s face it, were addicted! But hey, you can’t take it with you!

    I plan to show this thread to my wife. With the numbers some of you are throwing out...I should have no problem getting a few more :D
  12. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    20 or so. Only 8 I use regularly. Oh plus my kids rods and my grandfathers antique rods and a fly rod I forgot about.
  13. Not near as many as most of you... I have about a dozen, in different shapes and sizes. 3 lead core set-up's, 2 baitcasters, heavy and meadium action uglysticks for Muskie, and my wife's Dale Ernhart Jr. Zebco 33.

    My father-in-law... this is no joke, I'll bet he is over a hunder rods and reels. He can't go shopping anywhere with out buying a new pole. In fact he bought one in Jamaica, while on vacation..... and paid to have it shipped home.

    We all have a sort of sickness... some just worse than others!
  14. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    At last count (about two months ago), I had 52 rod and reel setups. This includes Lake Erie trolling setups, perch rigs, inland trolling setups, jigging outfits, and certain rigs that only go to Canada once or twice a year. Don't even get me started on tackle boxes.
  15. as i said be4, i only have 8 rods and reels. umm i have one thing to ask all of you that have 20 or more rods and reels. PLEASE...PLEASE call me when you have a yard sale heheee.
  16. eagleclaw

    eagleclaw Banned

    i have 7 my other have is in MN
  17. I'm back to having about 3 dozen. I keep saying I have to many and sell a few off in a garage sale or give one away to some kid that doesn't have one. Next thing you know I'm thinking I have to raplace those rods and reels.
    From a 3'6" ultra light to a 10 foot trolling rod. And most of the spinning rods haven't seen daylight in years.
  18. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    More than I use. I'm with everyone else, several nice ones for each species I fish for, then a bunch that I used for trial & error finding what I really wanted. I'd estimate 30, but I know & have 20-25 or so I actually use, so maybe I have 50 ? I generally take 8-10 (catfishing & bait-getters) in the boat for myself & extras if someone else is going. Then if I'm going trolling, I take those 7 or 8 rods set up for it.
  19. jwg299

    jwg299 jusluv2fish

    i have 2 baitcasting, 4 for crappie, 4 for bluegill, 4 for walleye, 2 for perch, 2 for catfish, 2 that i use a lot and will change the set up on them. but i must say that my pride and joy is a 6'6" G.Loomis IMX with a Shimano 2000 Stradic, which i like to use on the lake for walleye or fish plastic weightless. and a 9' G.Loomis GL3 4 weight fly rod blank that i hade made into a spinning rod with a Shimano 1000 Stradic, i like to throw tiny jigs with 1" grubs for perch, bluegill, and crappie on the setup.
  20. peon

    peon account delete

    i have 2 spining for bass one bait casting for bass.. and 2 bait casting for catfish... so i got 5 like to get a ultralite setup for pan fish... ... dang cant forget my 3 ice fishing poles!!!! i guess iv got 8 poles in total.... im not gonna go to heaven acting like that... my ice poles of my favorite