How many of you guys....

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  1. How many of you guys drag deer out with some type of harness as opposed to an atv?

    We are in the process of devlopiong a new dragging device and wanted to get some opinions of guys that still drag their deer out by hand.
  2. I'm new to this but last 2 yrs of being with my husband we have drug his deer out by hand (rope, etc). Last device he said he tried broke.

  3. stumpsitter

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    I always drag them out holding their antlers or legs.
  4. If I don't use an ATV - then I get a nice ratchet strap (strap part only), then just put the end through the "eye" of the ratchet strap and tighten around the neck...........either a buck or doe works fine, then when you drag, the head is off the ground.

    Sometimes, we'll then tie the end of this strap to the middle of a long stick and if there's two of us, we'll hold that at our stomachs and each on an end of the stick - walk out.............
  5. am a dragger don't have a atv.
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    I plan on trying my tree stand harness if it's only me to drag it out - it has a loop at the bottom too intended just for this purpose. Put a long strap around the front legs and head then hook to the harness.
  7. I have done just that on occasion if it is just me around. I just attach a rope or strap to the deer and hook it in to tether on my harness. As long as you are able to get some lift at the same time as pull it is a great help.
  8. well this is a new concept that is very unique, I am going to get some pictures of it in action next weekend (I hope) and will post them to the site.

    the product is gurunteed not to break as it is right now made of high quality stainless steel.

    Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully you will see the "Draggon Hook" in stores soon!
  9. When we hunt in a place that atv's can not be used we use a deer hauling cart.They work great!!!!
  10. i drag them by there legs, would be nice if i had a device that will hold the head and the front two legs up for an easier drag.:!
  11. Tei a rope and drag...forget that ATV bull crap. I like to keep it old school.
  12. We put a stick through the back legs. if it is a buck tie his head up to the stick and drag. it makes it nice. a solid walkin stick is perfect
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    i agree we do the same
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    got one of those orange harnesses they sell as "deer drags" a few years ago, works great. just tie the legs up tight to the neck/head and make the rope short enough to keep the head off the ground. drag it out. i used to use my tree stand harness before that, it worked just a well.
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    I am so sick of dragging deer out of the woods. I now simply hold'em at gun point and walk'em back to the truck and whack'em. :p
  16. Toxic...I wish it was that easy. The buck I shot on Saturday ran clear down the hill toward the back of the property. I had to drag him through green briars and over fallen trees all the way up hill. Lucky for me, the rest was all down hill, but the drag uphill stunk.

  17. LOL ~ now thats what I call killin, cause thats not hunting! :D

    I have been hunting on a friends farm, he drove his truck to the middle of the corn field and threw the deer in...nice. I'll be a draggin using the old tree strap tether.
  18. For my Son

    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    I drag them to the creek to wash them out then go get the ATV for the rest of the trip. I am way to fat to be draggin deer!! Just going to the creek I can feel colesterol breaking free and cutting off my blood flow.

    Whew I am kinda tired from all this typing. Gotta take a nap.
  19. we got lucky last year. the deer ran straight for our vehicle, saw it, turned around and dropped.
  20. Or you could just kill them all from uphill so you can slide them down to the vehicle.:D:D