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how many of u guys fish the vermilion?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by steelheadtracker, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. does anyone fish the vermilion? thats the only river i fish and i have never met any ogf members before in person so i figured id ask so maybe i can meet some of u guys sometime.
  2. I've been down there this summer for bass but plan on giving it a shot for steel this fall when the Rocky gets crowded. From the reports I have read it seems it takes a long time to clear up after a rain.
    I hope to drag my old man out there to fish at the public boat launch once they start moving in, anybody have any luck there? I'm talking about the one by the water treatment plant.

  3. do u mean where that pipe is that dumps the cleaned sewage or whatever back into the river?
  4. Thats the place.
  5. i have tried there b 4 and didnt have any luck. neither did my dad or brother. not to mention the water being dumped into the river kinda smell lol.
  6. My son, Myself and a buddy of mine fish the Vermilion. All the way from Wakeman to the Lake. Mostly in Florence twp.
  7. I fish there as much as I can but Im not one of thoe fortune few that caugh all the time like I here. I just went today with the fly for small mouth, or what ever whould hit not a thing.:confused: cant figure out that river.
  8. hey chucky, so do u live in wakeman?
  9. tubuzz2

    tubuzz2 1700 Lund Red and tan

    I fish the V for steelhead. I don't go down there on the weekend. I fish it durning the weekdays in the morning if you ever want to have a morning on the river let me know will be there. I mostly fly fish for them.
  10. tubuzz, yea that would be cool. i go and visit my dad everyother weekend so it would most likly have to be a weekend cuz thats when i go steelheading. but during thanksgiving break from school or something ill be there on a weekday so we can go then.
  11. steelheadtracker I live in Birmingham but a Wakeman mailing address. Off R60.
  12. I fish the V alot when the flows right. Nice river. I can't believe how little pressure it gets comparted to the rocky.
  13. sorry about the spelling
  14. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    me and my 2 cousins fish the vermilion river all the time. we have been fly fishing it all summer to practice for the steelies! can't wait to try to catch one with my new 8 wt rod.