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????how many members fish the tusc. river????

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tcba1987, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    i was just curious how many ogf members fish the tuscarawas river?? how many of you fish for cat and how many of you all fish for smallies and saugeyes???
  2. Most of us used to be on another site. Through the last 3 years I've found only about 10 Tusc. river guys. Only 3 or 4 post on here regularly. Thats more fish for us. ;)

  3. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I am a tusc river guy. I guess you could say. Hell I live right by the river so I guess I am!

    So I hope you count me as one of the 10 Action! :D
  4. Haven't fished it for awhile, but intend to start back. Used to catch a lot of smallies and saugeye from just south of where Stillwater Creek comes in and the next old dam or spillover.
  5. I fish the tusc for cat and carp. on an occasion.
  6. I fish the Tuscarawas from Dover down to Newcomerstown. I usually catfish, but have been catching lots of smallies and crappie this year. Lots of bowfin in the river too.
  7. i fish the tusc. at least twice a week. fish for anything bass , catfish , saugeye , carp
  8. Well I'd like to fish the tusc up where it's considered the ohio canal or whatever they call it, and I believe there's a bike path up there somewhere, but I just haven't made it over there to check it out yet. Anyone else know that area? It's west of canton if I'm not mistaken. So much water to fish, so little time....
  9. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    I fish the Tusc and the Stillwater drainage for 'Eyes when I get the chance. It's a great local resource that's under appreciated and under utilized. Hey tcba, what happened at the event you rescheduled from the Tusc to Tappan in June? Catfishhunter, Catfishboy, Whitebassattacker, Junebug, and their families all showed up at Tappan to fish your event but there was nobody present at the rest area for registration.
  10. I am glad i came acrossed this post. I was really hoping to learn how and where to fish the tusc this year. I was going to put some time in but the last 2 months the water has been high. I have one spot on the river i fish but i cant seem to catch any smallies bigger than 5 inches. I live in the east sparta area. If anyone wants to meet up at the river sometime and show me the ropes of fishing for river smallies send me a PM. Thanks
  11. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    we fished that tourney we fished from 6 pm to midnight. i stayed at the rest area till 6 pm and released everyone to leave and then i left. i must have missed them or they didnt see us. who knows ??? ill post the rest of my schedule later this week, we have a tourney on the tusc. river this saturday night. we will meet at hollywood video (new towne mall) at 5:30 and leave at 6 for this one too.