How Many Ice-Rods do you take?

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  1. Just a survey... how many ice-rods do you take when you head out on the ice?

    I'll usually take 4
    2 Ultra-lights for pansfish
    1 Med light for panfish/crappie for pin-min, small jigs or minnows
    1 Med perch/walleye rigged for jigs or minnows

    Of course, I won't fish with them all at once. 2 or 3 is my limit at the same time.

    (This doesn't include my tip-ups, if I decide to bring them along)
  2. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    i always take 2 ul's and if im going to possibly jig for bigger fish i take my 2 ml's so then either 2 or 4.

  3. just so you know 3 is illegal :)

    I will always take at leat 4 rods.

    jigging rod-medium baitcast braid swivel floro leader snap

    jigging / deadstick rod - medium action spinning-optional spring bobber- braid swivel floro leader hook weight etc...

    panfish jigging- light rod (soft tip good backbone) 2 lb test, no spring bobber for better "pounding" action

    Panfish deadstick- light acton, slip bobber (if in shanty)

    makes me wonder why I have like 10 rods??? :)
  4. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    It depends on what lake and the area I am fishing. I usually take 6 or 8 rods with me. I have each set up for different types of fish or conditions. I know it may seem strange but it only takes a few minutes for me to grab another rod and be fishing again. I have a nice carrying case that allows me to take this many and keep them tangle free. If I'm only going for a short day ( 8 hours) I may take 3 or 4. If I can get on the ice with my Quad I take everything I may need for a long day. That's when the jet sled comes in nice:D
    I also have several tip ups with me if I want to just relax and wait for the fish to come and bite.
    This obsession I have for ice fishing is all Carl's ( Big Daddy's) fault.:p
    He got me back into it after almost 40 years of not ice fishing. I really have to thank him though. I have had more fun doing this than I ever had in the past.
    Lets hope this weather stays and we can all get back out on the ice soon. If not I'll be heading North with Geowol soon!!
  5. i never leave the house with less than 8 rigged and ready to go, take 11 with me if i plan on multi-speciying it
  6. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    I usually take 3 or 4. 2 of which are ultra lights and 2 mediums. :)
  7. 1977 walleye guy

    1977 walleye guy Addicted Outdoorsman

    I've got 5 different setups I take. All in a nice little carrier.
  8. 4-6 depending on where I am fishing.
  9. I usually take 6 use the ones for the species thats showing up on the camera or change up if they're not showing any interest
  10. Depends on the lake but usually about 6 rods and 2 tip ups. I rig up 2 rods for saugeyes (1 with a vibee and the other pimple or minnow). The other 4 rods I use for panfish. Rigged various ways, slip bobber, tightline, jigs and plastic or jigs and livebait.
  11. I only take 4 with me. 2 for panfish and 2 for the bigger species.
  12. i take 5 in my case...but i normally use only 2 at a time....cuz i mainly go for panfish i hate all set up with different styles and colors of pinmins
  13. How many I take - 4 to 10 depending
    How many do I own - lets just say some baitshops cannot match my inventory and leave it at that.
  14. 1977 walleye guy

    1977 walleye guy Addicted Outdoorsman


    LOL that's funny right there.....:D
  15. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    5 1 U.L., 1 Light, 1 Light rigged for slip bobber and minnow, 2 Medium. They all are spooled with various thicknesses of Power Pro and Fireline, with Fluorocarbon leaders. The U.L. and light have tiny No-knots on them and the Mediums have size 1 Berkley cross-loks. I used to carry eight rods until I added the snaps/noknots for quick lure changes.
  16. I normally only take three rods and 4 tipups. Thats plenty to keep me running around.
  17. 4 is plenty. 2 UL and 2 med. No need to drag all that gear out on the ice. I have seen and fished with guys that bring everything they own. When they FINALLY get out on the ice, grab a pole and out comes a wad of spaghetti. Nothing better than untangling a mess with cold fingers!
  18. 4 rods and 3 tip-ups...although i rarely use the tip-ups...just havent had much luck on them... whats a no knot???