How long to fix??

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  1. I had a problem with my motor I posted on here about. I ended up taking it to Norton Marine in Akron and they have had it for over a week now. They haven't even looked at it yet. Now I understand how business works, this is a warranty issue and they don't make any cash by fixing this motor. So they are spending more time on other money makers.

    My question, is a week too long to wait for repair on a outboard 9.9?

    I think this is unreasonable. but that's just me maybe.

    Is your mercury 3 year warranty only good from the place you bought it from? I'm considering yanking it out of there and taking it to another authorized dealer.

    Can someone tell me the rules on that?

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    it is good for any merc dealer, but the one you baught it from should take care of you if they want you to come back again? at this time of year a week is not that long did they tell you it would take.

  3. well that's the other thing. I have called 3 times and I get the "everyones busy with a customer or on the phone" so I can't get an answer on how long.

    When I dropped it off he couldn't give me an answer until he looked at it. Well that hasn't happened yet.

    I have a trip planned for thurs thru monday next week and I have a boat with no motor. I will do the best I can with a 24v trolling motor I guess.

    I am so disgusted I just want to go buy a new engine and when they get around to fixing it sell it out and just take the loss. :(

    least I will get a new 3 year warranty that does me no good prolly hehehehe :p
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    Because work is so seasonal, most shops do not hire additional mechanics for the summer. You are going to take a number and wait no matter where you take it.
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    yep thats why i stoped going there had a bad time 8 years ago with the same thing i had a bad experience with them badddddddddddd customer serv
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    Boy that kinda sounds fimiliar, three weeks last sept.
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    The thing with Norton Marine is that if you buy a boat from them you will always be put ahead of the next guy. Most shops are this way. They have to take care of the guy who spends the big bucks to get them back for their next big boat purchase. Don't think they aren't getting paid though. Merc will supply the parts and pay them their hourly rate for fixing it. One good thing is they probably have the best mechanics around and the best service. In the off season they don't lay them off. Instead they get more schooling and get even better at their job. Just pray their normal customers that have bought boats from them don't have problems or have new ordered boats coming in oryou will keep getting bumped back.


    if it was me i would do some calling around some other places and poss. going and picking your motor up and takeing it somewhere else. u should be able to pick it up and take it to any authorized dealer u want to, if u want it repair under warranty
  9. Of course they get paid to work on your motor. They bill Mercury for time and parts for any and all warranty claims.

    This is a very busy time for all Marine related shops. People are getting their boats out, finding problems, and having them fixed. Try and schedule to get your boat winterized in October and see what the wait time is. Norton Marine has a great shop, and I would say that their mechanics are second to none. I'm not just saying that because I bought my last boat there. They have worked on many of my previous rigs. You might wait a little longer, but that's only because so many people trust them with their equiptment that they're always busy.

    Kinda goes along with the old saying 'never eat in an empty restaurant'
  10. i have an old 6hp rude you can borrow for your trip if needed...hate when you plan ahead only to be left behind!!!!
  11. This complaint seems to surface fairly often and usually has some basis for the delay encountered. How about answering the questions regarding original point of purchase and service at that dealer.

    Where did you purchase the motor? Did you take it back to the dealer that sold it to you? If not, why not? Norton's work is top shelf and they service what they sell first. Unless you and the others who have complained about Norton turnaround time didn't initially buy from them you don't really have a basis for complaint. If you sought the lowest price then expect some other dealer to provide service ahead of base customers, you DON"T understand business.
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    I bought my new Lund and motor and trolling motor from them. I took my outboard in there beginning of January 2006 for a simple impellor change.
    They said a week or two after the boat show.
    No problem, I don't need it till ice out. After numerous calls and stop bys since I live close, I walked in their back building at the end of March to grab my motor to take it elsewhere. Lo and behold, it's finally done and they never called me for over a week.
    Yes I bought the rig from them. Yes, I planned ahead and took in in for service in the off season, and yes they took 2 months for a simple impellor change.

    Now to be fair, The first year I had the boat the starter died on Atwood (25hp Mercury electric start). This was in August and the new warranty covered starter was put in in two weeks and I got the boat back.

    This is the very busy time of the season for all marine mechanics. You might get it back in a few weeks or you may get it back from them in August. Go talk to Don and ask for an honest answer of when it will be looked at in a polite manner.
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    normally i agree with you shortdrift but if i buy my boat from a private person do you think i should wait 2 months for them to put a head gasket on while other guys are back on the water in a week or less .........i do understand buisness and i do understand your about your base customers if they had a dedicated mechanic for non base customers like they "should" and i had my boat back sooner i would not have stoped going there and i wouldent cost them at least 3 boat sales telling people about their crappy customer service repair took way too long for a 150.00 repair so i cost them 25-30 k in 3 boats they could have sold to my buddies this coming from a non base customer:mad:
  14. Through the years I have purchased two new boats plus seven motors from Norton. As I have not experienced the delays or lack of communication with Norton as described, I feel it would be a service to Urnso and others for you to post the dealership or repair facility that can or has provided you with the rapid repair service you have had done.
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    well the post was about norton but i have used
    state park marine
    and ravenna marine
    and one that is across from springfield lake on rt 224 i dont remember the name??? through the years
    i also hear vicks is good too but i have never used them
    while i have planed ahead in most cases to have things worked on in the off season there are times that things happen in the summer and i understand peek season is now......... at least ravenna marine calls you and lets you know what is going on and has your motor back to you when they say they will this is based on my experience with norton marine i guess my 200 or 300 bucks is not as important to them as your 20k+ that you have in your lund .......and thats OK............they dont need my buisness then
  16. I am not bashing Norton here. I think they do great work. I was just concerned that a week for diagnostics was a little long. I understand they are backed up but it should be only a few days to notify of the problem. If parts are needed that may require more time and I understand that. I was only asking how long it should have taken. And what my other service shop options were. (if other shops would cover the 3 year warranty service.)

    The post was not really meant for me to sit here and bitch about a service shop. I will still use Norton, I trust their technicians and I think this post was a misunderstanding by some people.
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    I just called two marinas last week to see if they could look at my boat and they both said that they were backed up 4 weeks. It is the busiest time of year for them. The two marinas were Dixie Marine in Fairfield and Spend-a Day at Indian Lake.
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    I bought my boat from Norton and have had nothing but good experiences with them. Last year at about this time I needed a new throttle cable. One of the service guys came out when I first got there, took the throttle assembly apart, told me I needed a new cable. I left the boat there and in less than a week had it back on the water. I thought it would take a while for them to even look at it, but he did it right then.
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    as long as the other shop is an authorized dealer it will be covered under warranty but if u take it to jim bob joe's marine shop down the street and have it fixed it will not be covered and u will be paying for it out of your own pocket.
  20. Got my boat back tonight just in time for my trip. They couldn't figure out the one problem (cavitation???) but they did take care of the oil leaking problem. I took the boat out on portage and it ran great. Don didn't charge me a dime for looking into this problem. Other places I called could have looked at it too but would have charged me. They stand behind their work and I will continue to use Norton whenever I can for service.

    The fact that they went out of their way to help me make my trip is awesome!

    Thx Don!!