How long till mother Erie Freezes

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  1. Just saw today that the bay has some ice, but the lake is still open. How long till she is safe to go out on with the weather forecast for this upcoming week. Trying to plan a few vacation days!
  2. good question it might be awhile. the problem is that this weekend when it could really start to get a good layer of ice its going to be strong winds. so you will just get a bunch of trash ice. my local 4 ft pond is wide open so im guessing for erie it will be quite a while.

  3. Next weekend...if the wind lays down...there should be a covering. Whether or not it gets to where we can fish...that's another story.

    This year is setting up just like last year...
  4. Don't you guys know anything??? You cannot talk about Erie freezing untill it has already happened or you will jinx it!!! Papascott will you talk some sense into these guys????
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    My guess is the second week of January, '09.
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    The news stated the water temp off Cleveland was 37 degrees when the plane went down 2 days ago.It still has a way to go...........Mark
  7. You guys need to learn there are a few words we do not dare speak!! It is almost as bad as talking about steelhead fishing in ashtabula creek:)
  8. It aint gonna frezz over a lot this year.
    It may freeze 3-4 miles out but will not be safe at all to venture out on.
    Plan to lose your bikes, snowmobiles and shanty's when the ice breaks loose from the edge.
  9. I am really really hoping it is going to freeze in the next two weeks.

    was that enough to jinx it?

    I refuse to winterize!! I would rather jig from the boat than a pail anyday!