How long for a hair cut?

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  1. The guy goes into his local barber shop, sees that it is very crowded and asks the barber "How long before I can get a hair cut?" The barber replies "two hours." "Okay" says the man and he leaves.

    Next day comes around and the man goes back to the barber shop and again it's very busy. He again asks the barber how long. "Three hours" replied the barber. So, the man said okay and left.

    Third day comes and the same thing happens. The man is told it would be two hours and he turned around and left.

    The barber says to one of his buddies "That guy comes in here every day asking how long before he can get a hair cut. I tell him how long and he leaves and doesn't come back until the next day." "I have an idea. When he comes back tomorrow, you follow him and tell me where he goes."

    The guy comes in asks, gets an answer and leaves. The barber's buddy is right behind him.

    Later on the day the barber asks his buddy "So, where does he go when he leaves here?"

    "To your house" replies his buddy.
  2. good one ,glad I don't own a shop!