How long do you use a soft plastic?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by mkatts, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. I've been learning with some moderate success how to fish rubber worms. I have been using Berley Electric grape 7" power worms with imprenated scent.

    So my question is, with the scent being impregnated will the scent wear out after catching several fish or after fishing that same worm for 50-100 casts?

    I know when they first come out of the package the smell is very strong but after 10-15 casts, it's nowhere near as strong of a smell.

    Also I have been leaving the worm on my hook when the rod is stored. (yea im lazy)

    Will that have a factor on the potentcy of the scent?
  2. Watch leaving them on the hook. I just started learning myself with plastics and left a Berkley Gulp minnow worm on the hook. Well when I went to fish again, it was all dried out and I had to throw it away and use a fresh one.

  3. Ahh, good point.

    Any opions on if they wear out while using them? Aside from being tore up from biting fish. :D
  4. bronzebackyac

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    The Gulf worms are not plastic they are made out of a biodegradable product.
    The water based stuff dries up. The power worms are not the same material. I think the stink does go away after a lot of casts. I put them back in the bag and put a new one on every so often. You can "recharge" them that way.
  5. I get a long life out of most of my plastics. As long as you put them back in the bag after you're done fishing, they tend to last pretty well. Once I see any sort of wear or tear though, I'm usually pretty quick to throw them away. It's my opinion that a fish would prefer to eat a nice smooth plastic rather than a scruffy looking one, but that's just me though :rolleyes:
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    I am constantly changing my plastics, once they tear, rip, or the hook will no longer stay imbedded, I lose the abillity to have a strong hookset, therefore I'm not going to risk losing a fish, be it a 8lber or a 10incher.
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    When I just fish with plastics I use about one rubber worm an hour. My main reason for throwing them out is the worm just gets torn up and its hard to keep them texas rigged. The oil/scent wearing off is another reason.

    I never put my used worms back in the bag and I always put a new one on each trip. I suppose it's wasteful thats just how I was tought and I have stuck with it.
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    As long as it stays on the hook and the fish still bite it I would say keep using it. I am always reluctant to lose anything that catches me fish :)
  9. If yer worried about smell and taste you could always try them for yourself. Nahhh just stick them back in the bag! Glenn