How long do frozen fish stay good?

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  1. I have a buddy who still has fish he caught last Saturrday. He said he placed slush from lake on fish in 5 gallon bucket and the whole thing is frozen solid. I told him I thought they would be ok, but Iwould post here as i have never kept fish that long.
  2. leadcorebean

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    i would toss them.. i have to much fish in the freezer already to take any sure alot of guys would keep them but not me

  3. I would think they are borderline by now if they were frozen since saturday
  4. misfit

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    that would be your own judgement call.personally i wouldn't be afraid to eat them.being frozen would have retarded any spoilage or bacteria growth.i'm sure lots of commercially caught fish are kept iced that long before cleaning.
  5. They have been frozen. Im pretty sure its been colder outside than the freezer in the house. I dont always cut mine up right away either as long as it stays cold out. although onetime someone gave me some that had been out for a few weeks and when i cut them up some of the meat looked weird so i threw them out. Like they always say "if in doubt throw it out."