How long can it sit?

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  1. I winterized my boat in late October (Tracker Targa 17wt). I filled the tank put stabilizer in the fuel let it run for 15 minutes, canged lower unit oil, fogged plugs, greased, pulled batteries out, and put it in the garage on jack stands.

    My wife and I had twin girls in April and I have not had my boat out. I do not anticipate on getting a chance to fish in the next couple of months. My question is how long can I leave it sit in the garage? Do I need to pull it out and do anything to it?

    I was thinking I might have to leave it up on the jack stands untill next year. Do I need to be concerned with the old fuel sitting in the tank and motor? Or should I get it out run it and just re-winterize it?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
  2. If you have carbs, I'd fog them and then drain the bowls so you don't clog it with deteriorating gas. If it were mine, I would use muffs or a trash can and run it for a while with strong Stabil mixture, re-winterize with extra carb chores minus the lower unit oil and grease.

  3. do what ohio says ,BUT get rid of the old gas. you don;t want to use that gas in 2009,
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    I can help you get rid of that old gas if you want. Just let me know and I will be down to pick up the boat and use up all the gas for you:D :D