How late will it last?

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  1. Usually most of us are pulling limits of walleye by now. And it usually starts tailing off near the end of April. So, do you think it will last hot'n heavy well into May? Or do you think it'll me so stacked full of fish through April and come to a slow stop like Usual? I'm kinda leaning towards a Mid-May windown this year instead of late April. Lots of 6 Warreye limits;)
  2. It'll be the same as always...these fish don't have calendars...


    What we are likely to get is one BIG push of fish rather than several NICE pushes of fish...

    When they'll be a bunch at a time...that is for sure.

    My logs show that I haven't caught a legal fish prior to 3/20 in almost 8 this year is nothing new to me.

  3. I agree with BFG on the date thing. The 20th of March is the date when things get started for real.
  4. Redhunter -

    Last year, I was still catching quick 6-fish limits on May 8th. It usually is pretty steady until the 2nd week of May (IF the moss is not too bad). It might last a little longer this year if the water stays on the chilly side. Most likely, we will go from cold to hot in a hurry and there won't be much of a difference. Just my opinion of course. Later.

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  6. I think the last 2 weeks of april will be very good. Probably even into May. I'm predicting the very last week of april and the very first week of May will be the best since I'm on vacation for those 2 weeks.

    I've caught legal fish the second week of march in past years, but that seems to be when the river never even froze at all due to mild winters. It's really all a guessing game. The first week of april could come and it could be 75-80 degrees everyday, what would that due to the run? If things continue this way though, I think fishing will be good into may. I really believe may can be the best month, when the limit was still 10 fish, there where some 1hr-1 1/2 hour limits of jacks.