how is the last week going?

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  1. how is the last week going for all the die hard bow hunters? I`am seeing deer everytime the last 4 outings but no matter what tree I go up in their travel route to the farmers fields next door between 5 and 5:30 in the evening they are always just out of bow range,tonight I`am going to put up a rough blind and staying on the ground maybe my luck will change;)
  2. 8 deer last night, group of 6 went right past the tree I was up last week, go figure, watched 3 mature does take on the ice around the creek like pro`s and crossed without a problem, the 3 younger ones tagging behind had an awfull time working up the courage to cross, finally as the 1st three were almost out of sight they went ahead and crossed, it was a funny to watch,4 days left and counting.

  3. I will be out this weekend. We put on a bow drive last saturday but we only had 6 people. I almost got a shot at a doe but was about 10yrds out of range. A buddy of mine ended up getting a button buck made a beautiful double lung shot from 35 yards. Only ran 75 yards.
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    I missed a doe last night cleanly. Had a group of 4 come in, one became spooky, so I took my shot and knew instantly I missed. I pulled way to the right when I shot. Got down, checked the arrow, nothing but dirt. I am glad it was a clean miss and I didn't wound her. Hopefully get out Saturday evening, that is my only free time left. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

  5. I'll be out both Friday night and Saturday in an Urban zone where I had the 4 bucks w/i 20yds and 2 quads but no does. Looking for does.
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    Was out Sunday my buddy shot a doe. then monday i shot one seeing alot of deer evrytime out.just need to fill that last tag hopefully saturday or sunday...its good to know that some guys still hunt the late season dont ever see anyone.
  7. I myself think the late season is great simply for the fact I never see anyone, I hunt property that I know several other neighbors have permission to hunt also and I havnt seen them out since gun season,never saw a thing tonight,1st time in 5 outings that I havnt seen anything and thought for sure I would with the storm system moving in,tomorrow looks bad weatherwise! see what happens:D
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    I saw a lot of deer out early yesterday. Must have been feeding before the front moved through.

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    Shot a big doe last night...Might try and get out this weekend and go fill that last urban tag..I'll hafta see how work goes first though.
  10. Good to hear that people are having some late season success. I plan on going out tomorrow afternoon to fill that last tag.
  11. burned my buck tag sat. afternoon hunt - been passing bucks all season and was just hoping to see antlers still attached, got pumped when i seen this one coming my way!

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  12. Wow, talk about an ending to the season....great buck rippin lip!
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    hammered a nice doe out of a group of 6 last night...

    time to butcher today! thats number 6 for the year!
  14. Great buck! More the reason to keep at it through the late bow season.
  15. That is a nice buck congrats,,,,
  16. he would have been a great pope and young buck nexted year but nice job..