How is the fishing this time of year?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Fishpro, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Hey guys, how is the fishing this time of year? I've never tried for steel in late winter, are the fish still cooperating? What are things to look for as opposed to fishing in the fall? What are the best tactics this time of year? Thanks.:)
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    the rivers are blown out. no fishing for a lil bit at least in my eyes.. then hopefully if it calms down it don't freeze again.

  3. there's lots of fish in the rivers during this time of the year and crowds are a little lighter (sometimes). fish are very lethargic though and usually only give up some head shakes and maybe a short run or two and they are ready to be landed. it;s kind of a numbers game.
  4. normally we would have snow and bunch of fish and STABLE rivers. but this is one of the warmer winters, so dont be sad time will come. i know im dying to fish, but all i can do is wait or look for alternatives, like paintball.
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    Depending on what the weather does, I might have to go try next week if the rivers are fishable.;)
  6. Fishpro, as Duckdude already mentioned, the fish are very lethargic in the colder water. This means that they aren't going to chase any baits, so your presentation has to be right on the money. I'm a float fisherman and primarily use spawn sacs, but will occasionally use soft plastic minnows, or wax worms too. If you are a spin caster, don't bother with any kind of casting hardware untill spring, stick to bait beneath a float and focus on keeping your presentation down in the strike zone. When the river is iced up you can usually find fish hiding below shelf ice along the sides of deeper runs. In that case drift your bait/fly right along the edge of the shelf ice and if your offering is presented properly down in the strike zone you should hook some steel. Good Luck.
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  8. depending on the flow, casting hardware may be easier in some cases. if you have the right depth and the right angle, you can hold it in the strike zone. i use crankbaits in any temp, if it's colder i just reel it in much much slower, or let it sit in the flow and do it's thing. black and red, blue and silver, white and purple, firetiger, just about anything works well. i had trouble getting a good drift and finding the bottom when using traditional bobber/jig/sac set ups when the water was moving quicker, so i found i can get into the spot i want with a floating diver pretty easily.
  9. I don't use them at all, but I've heard of guys using hardware in the dead of winter, even when there is a lot of ice. I wouldn't say on average they would outfish a bait fisherman, but they definitely catch fish.
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    The fish will cooperate when the rivers cooperate.
  11. Fishing was phenomenal this morning. I fished a trib all to myself and landed 15 between 7:30-10:00. Then I was dumb enough to answer Cheezemm2's phone call and the fishing shut down after that :(
  12. Now that's funny.

    Good Job Joel!