How is Tanner's creek for bass fishing in the spring, summer fall?

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  1. Just bought me a basstracker and I live on Hidden Valley lake in Indiana but want to check Tanners Creek out this year. How is the fishing there for bass? LOL would anyone want to tag along with me in my boat sometime?
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    Where abouts is tanner lake? Sure i'd go anytime. I'm always game to go fishing. LOL I usually fish Ceasar Creek and other various local spots in Dayton.


  3. I live in SE Indiana.
  4. Tanner's is decent in the spring into the summer for bass and saugeye. If you go out to the main river (turn right) and cast/pitch the barges the spotted bass can be hot.

    For saugeye action I would troll along that same stretch with some medium diving plugs (bass magnets work well).
  5. Yes, where about is Tanner Creek? I emailed that fella that was on Sports of All Sorts last night and he menitoned it for fishing saugeye. I'm guessing it is a tributary of the Ohio River? Is the water temperature gonna be a little warmer there at this time of year?
  6. Tanner's is of off Route 50 in Lawrenceburg IN. Right by the Light before Lowe's and Steak and shake (turn left if going west). The ramp is small but the parking lot is big and unlit with no dock just a bank that is sand and you pull your boat up on that.
  7. I hunt out of tanners all winter long and have only tried to fish it once with no luck. I was told to hang a shiner under a bobber then throw it in the eddy of the warm water discharge. I tried this for several hours one day with no luck. Im very interested in the idea of the saugeye. Anyone one have luck with them? If so were? Not looking for secret spots just a general. I guess you would try the mouth of creeks but not sure.
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    Hidden Valley lake is AWSOME fishing. Only got a chance to fish it once with LakeRaider from the boards, but the crappie fishing/gill fishing was unbelievable!

    I've fished the Big O quite a bit for bass (near New Richmond mostly). Fish around wood and use flipping jigs. If you're brave throw crankbaits but expect to be messing with snags a lot! Jigs are a lot of fun though, not only do the bass love'm but so do the flatheads!
  9. use a square bill crank bait
  10. Tanner's fishing for saugeyes is best done by trolling by the barges down towards hogan's creek and back. After a couple passes with no luck try using bobber and live bait(minnows) by the barges and structure(trees and rip-rap).
  11. Thats right before aurora right. Is there depressions were they hole up or are u fishing slopes of channels. Whats the fow there? Sorry for so many questions just real interested in fishing for eyes there. It beats the drive to indian lake or rocky fork if u know what i mean. im sur you pick up other species also right. I assume white bass and cats.
  12. go out of Tanner's creek, turn right, and start trolling there. Keep a eye on the depth finder and look for a down slope and try to hold it right on that slope down along the bank. I can't remember the exact depth, but it was just off of the bank (20 Feet or so). Different species definitely are caught during trolling. It can be fun, and frustrating. I haven't been out there in awhile, but plan plan to be hitting the river a bit more.....casting for bass, but may troll for "old time's sake".

    I used to use the "bassmagnet", in black/silver and black (medium diver), but I do not know if they are still produced.