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how is howard road looking?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by gotobatter, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. gotobatter

    gotobatter "Largemouth Lover!"

    Planning on going up to the north end on thursday. how is howard road looking?>
  2. jake74

    jake74 catfishing machine

    As of sat. it was pretty low but still caught lots of fish.

  3. As mentioned, the lake level is a little down but the water color still looks good. We had some strong downpours last night (N of Alum) but not too much runoff.

    On a side note, I was driving by Alum north of Howard Rd this morning and noticed a large flock of white Egrets wading in the shallows. I thought I was in Florida for a moment Must be migrating.
  4. Hey Net how you doing? Those birds have been up there for about 2 weeks now. Stopped and watched them from the cliff area last Tuesday. Awesome site!! And was on the water last night. It is down i would say about 4 feet was in crisco bay north of cheshire ramp and some humps were just under the surface,rollers from boats would come in and it looked like a mini beach area with surfing waves:) Water color is fantastic Weed growth is really turned on as well. Fish were very active in deeper water mostly white bass and bass pushing up Shad balls to surface and thrashing them. It was a site one time 5 different spots of fish busting the shad all around the boat!!
  5. I'm doing ok 'slim, thanks. Believe it or not I only wet a line once since my dad died in May. My wife is just about ready to kick me out and drive me to the lake This weekend I'm keeping an eye on the Erie forecast but will probably end up fishing Hoover. I'll pass along a report.
  6. Hey batter batter...How'd you do yesterday?