How is CJ doing?

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  1. I'll be taking a coupl of friends to CJ Brown on the weekend and was wondering how the fishing was going lately? I haven't been there yet this year and was thinking of giving it a shot. we will be fishing for about anything that will bite but would really like to hit the walleye. we will probably start out jigging with crawlers or drifting harnesses does anyone have any tips on presentation and colors? thanks
    Ill let you all know who we do
    good fishing!
  2. YAY! another CJ thread! ;)

    Chartreuse/Green/Pink/Gold are the colors I like.

    As far as presentation... I think confidence plays a major part in whether you catch fish. So go with your gut. Personally I hate trying to troll in windy conditions in my scanoe, so I will drift/anchor and jig. I think I am going to try trolling more often though on dead calm water tho.

    GL! and don't get run over by pleasure boaters/sailboats!

    EDIT: I have been thinking about getting some of these to troll with


  3. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    the crappie bite was going pretty decent in and around the marina and they were catching a few whitebass still...the cats are picking up around the islands in the headwaters of the lake around buck creek, not too sure about the eyes, but they have been netting some nice ones from out there