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    I've been around enough to set up an avatar, so I thought I'd describe it.

    This is my friend's canoe, fiberglass and originally in a birchbark pattern many sunny years ago. It can ride on his truck or my Outback and we put in on various local streams.

    We're on a gradual project to canoe all of the Scioto. We have all of oshay covered from Klondike down to Twin Lakes, then we've gone between 270 and Hayden, and then this run from Griggs down to around 5th Ave (ran out of time). We have also gone from Greenlawn up to the lowhead (Rich? Town?) Then with another friend in another canoe we covered from that lowhead to the confluence, and up the Olentangy to the 670 bridges. We've also covered the O from Northmoor Park to Bethel Road.

    One thing I like is, when you're standing next to the river it's an obstacle - but when you're on the water, it's a conveyance and the banks are obstacles. The whole question of where you can and can't get to is flipped around.

    This shot is below Griggs, near the abandoned railroad bridge in the old quarry. It's actually a sweet stretch of river there, pools and riffles with a stony bed. I found a lot of large mussel shells.

  2. Great photo. Really beautiful...