how fast will I go??

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  1. been looking all fall/winter for a new/used boat. Looking for an aluminum tiller, not just your basic tiller but one with a front casting deck, livewell, storage etc. Found one with a 4 stroke 9.9, it is 16' long. can anyone give me any idea how fast a boat like that will be with a couple guys and a moderate amount of equipment? I have no idea. I wanted one with a 25 or so on it but i just can't find one.

  2. your looking at a speed of about 10-12 MPH if you load it right.
    Weight is the biggest factor.
    9.9 wont get you going on plane with the load you are talking about.

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    I used to have a 9.9 on my 16.5' aluminum boat with casting deck, livewell, few other bells and whistles and I don't think I ever broke 10mph. I upgraded to a 25 and it got up to around 16mph, then I upgraded to a 40hp and that's when it started to feel like a real boat!
  4. ive got a 16 with casting deck livewell a few storage compartments 2 guys batteries (5) gas tank and tackle i might hit 18or so. take the tackle bag out i might gain 3-4 m.p.h. ;) :p
  5. Walleyeguy pretty much hit it on the head. I have a 16' Smokercraft with a floor and deck. Runs 13-15mph with a 9.9, depending on weight/persons. I now have a 40 on it and it runs 30mph. A 9.9 will get you around on smaller waters, but if you use it on bigger water you will probably be wishing for more hp pretty quickly. I would go with at least a 25hp. It will probably push you in the 16-23mph range, depending on load and hull design.
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    Is that with a 9.9?
  7. 25 h.p.out board motor from mercury that was built in 1995. there that should be enough letters to let me reply :p
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    I traded in my Lund 16' Rebel with a tiller 25 and all the goodies this past summer. It would go low 20's with just me in it, maybe 16 or 17 mph with two guys and gear. I think you'll be disappointed with a 9.9 unless you fish a lot of 10 hp limit lakes. My guess is that you'll be lucky to break 10 mph with two guys and gear.
  9. thanks for all of the input. sounds like I better hold out for at least a 25.

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  10. i have a 16' lund mod-v its the double hull with a casting deck and gun box-very heavy- and with a 9.9 and two guys it would barely move. i switched to a 25hp with controls and with two guys it will run 25mph on the gps.
  11. Tohatsu 25/30 2 stroke with 9.9 model numbers and decals. That should plane the boat out but won't troll o well. Idles a little rough!
  12. When I owned that boat(TANK) I ran a 9.9 4stroke mercury Barely reached 10mph. I also ran a 25 on it with the same results as you.
    If you ever decide to sell that rig get a hold of me.
  13. You will be lucky to get 10mph with that load.
  14. yeah this boat is a tank. im looking to upgrade to a 40 or 50hp to move it when the blind is up.