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How fast is a bass strike?????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shortdrift, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Darn fast! Took my grandson Anthony down to the front lake to catch some bass with the leftover perch shiners I brought home yesterday. Shiners in the lake is like meat to hungry lions. :D Well he caught about six bass and then one came swimming past close to shore and we threw in a dead shiner. The bass came in, looked over the shiner and then, faster than you could detect it, he inhaled the shiner and just stayed motionless. :cool: We continued feeding him and tried to see the strike but it is too fast. Finally, a couple more bass showed up and the competition began. What a blast! :D Then Anthony got bit by a spider and the fishing fun ended so I dumped in the remaining live shiners and watched as the lake exploded in action as we walked away, with bass and shiners comming to the surface and sometimes out of the water.
  2. How did the bass like the spider???


  3. UFM82

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    That would be a blast. As far as how fast, you would be amazed. There was a show done a few years back with underwater cameras in a cove on one of the southern lakes. The population of bass in this cove was incredible with lots of fish in the 3-5 lb range. Two "pros" came through and fished the cove for 2 hours. Every cast was filmed and then the results were viewed. 45% of the casts that the pros made resulted in strikes on the baits. They were throwing 6" black rubber worms on 1/8 oz weights. Of those strikes, only 20% of the strikes were felt by the fisherman and of those strikes, only 15% were hooked. The bass were able, in many instances, to inhale the bait and then spit it back out without the pro even being able to feel the strike. The pros each caught 4 fish apiece. When they were asked if they felt as though they covered the cove well, they both said yes. When they viewed the footage, they were shocked to see how many fish ahd actually hit their baits. In fact, they were able to determine in some cases which cast was being filmed at the time and were able to get the pros comments. Three fish were not hooked because the pro thought he was snagged and pulled the bait away from the fish. Two fish were not caught when they swam towards the boat and the pro didn't take up the slack. One fish even ate the bait, spit it out, ate it again and spit it out and then a second fish took the bait and spit it out and the pro never felt that.

    It was an amazing show to watch. I can't remember who did it but it seems to me that it was a show on OLN that my buddy had taped. It was a few years back and I wish I had the copy now. It was very educational and depressing at the same time. LOL

  4. That would have been really neat to see. I have seen the feeding at Bass Pro before and one second the minnow is there and the next second there is a big ol smile Mr Bigmouth! What amazed me even more was the speed at which a walleye would chase down a minnow, much faster than anything else in the tank.
  5. I was fishing a farm pond today with a pop-r and got it fouled with grass. I reeled it in as fast as I could across the surface with my spinning reel and somehow a fish chased it down and still ate the lure. It was amazing, I don't think I could even reel fast enough to keep it away from the fish.
  6. I was watching some fishing show on OLN the other night. The host was fishing for bass and I heard him say that one could not theoretically reel faster than the fish can swim. I forget who it was but I was pretty amazed just from hearing that.
  7. I enjoy watching the fish in my patio pond and marvel at how fast they can move when alarmed or very hungry. One flick of the tail and they are three feet away in a split second. :cool: You couldn't even jerk a lure that far, that fast! :D
  8. thats why i like catfish, they take there time eating and give you more fight!!!!heh heh
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    husky does make a valid point ;) Hey, you all should have seen the "Bass" only pond at the State Hatchery in St Marys. This guy threw a hand full of minnows in it and the freakin bass went NUTS!!! They attacked from all sides. It was amazing.............DA KING !!! :cool:
  10. thats how the cats act when shortstuff falls in!!!!!!!
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    Shortydrift is about the size of a nice big old flathead bait......... :D DA KING !!!
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    I remember hearing once that a 3 lb bass can suck 5 gallons of water threw its gills in one second just to suck in food and not even move its body.
  13. I think the two movies that UFM82 is talking about are Bigmouth, and Bigmouth Forever. They have Homer Circle,Hank Parker,and Shaw Grigsby. Thought you might want to check them out.