How far up from Griggs can I boat?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Buckeyeheat, Jul 15, 2007.

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    This is my first post & I'm also a newbie to boating & serious fishing. I've fished for 20 years, but now I'd like to start catching. Anyway, I just bought an old 16' ski type boat with a 115 hp engine. I guess it's a little of an eye sore but it floats & runs. I just attached a seat & a nice trolling motor on the bow, so I'm ready to fish.

    I've been having success wading in the waters north of 161, but obviously I can't take the boat up that far. Does anyone know how far I can take a v-bottom boat like this? I'd hate to break my new toy, even if it is old & crusty.

    On another note, I can't ski & innertube by myself and I'm always hungry for good bass tips, so if there's anyone who would like to join me for some tubing & fishing, please let me know. I'll be out every Sat & Sun that I can. I'll actually be out there by myself all day today. My cell is 614-378-4650.

    - John

    ps - If you see me out there doing something stupid, please let me know, as I probably just don't know any better. I'm reading up on etiquette, but I've got a ways to go.

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    The water is low now so you can't safely go up to 161. Even when the water is up it can be tricky getting up to the 161 bridge. A couple hundred yards below the 161 bridge you will see an island and the river flows around it. the left side is deeper and i have seen bass boats get up there that way but definately not now. I used to take my old aluminum up there but the glass boat doesn't go that far. So to answer your question, normally you can safely go to the first riffle in front of the island closest to the bridge but with water levels low i'd be careful now. Its usually 4' deep up to the riffle but probably only 2' now. Lots of big rocks.

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    Being new to boating and the different lakes don't mess around in shallow water ,could lose a lower unit or run up on some rocks or flat
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I got a little curious tonight & made it up to just south of that island by 161. I was turning back when I realized my trolling motor was getting slow so I tried to start my gas motor & didn't have enough battery (yes, both were dead - long story). So I did try to make it to the island but that's a no go. A canoe came through & hit bottom just after the island so I turned around. Incidentally, I had to anchor, walk up to 161, have a friend pick me up & run me to Meijer to get another battery, then run me back. Well, when you learn things the hard way, at least they stick better. This is why I'm starting with a cheap boat.
  5. man that sucks....battery chargers very cheap at walmart...very good for the weak battery!!!!!!!