How far south?

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  1. I'm originally from Wayne county. Last spring I relocated to Vinton county in South central Oh. and was wandering we get any good ice or how far north I'd have to drive. At this point I'm thinking of selling my ice gear to pay for thr new bow I ordered.
  2. only in good cold winters do you get any fishable ice down that way. I have a pond I fish in athens and ive only been on the ice there one time and it was still thin after weeks of extreme cold in columbus. The southermost lake in ohio that i know of that consistently gets good ice is buckeye lake east of C-bus. Because it is shallow. there are also some further east that get some ice out near zanesville.

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    me and buckeye tom live in mcarthur (VINTON COUNTY) and we ice fish lake alma and lake rupert.. with alot of success .. when the guys up north get good ice we are only about 4-5 days behind them and they usually have ice a week or two longer... i have ice fished for im gonna guess 7 or so years and have never left town to ice fish.. email me when ice gets here and we can hook up and fish...
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    anywhere south of rte 70 normally does not get fishable ice
  5. Sounds good peon. I live about 4 miles in Vinton County off Old Rt. 50.
    Have been to Lake Rupert catfishing, it's only about a 15 min. drive for me.
    What do u mostly catch.
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    I ice fish nearly every year here in the cincinnati area. Most of the time the ice only lasts for a couple days at a time though.
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    we catch anything that is in the lake... on wax worms... from cats, bass, perch, trout, gills and chain pickerel all on lake alma ,,, its close to Rupert about 4 miles... Rupert is a hassle to get to the spot we fish... its about a mile walk each way dragging sleds and shanty's... and alma is about 300 feet or so walk.... i like to fish both but im lazy and we have some older guys that fish with us and they never catch anything so i hate to have them walk so far for nothing on Rupert... me and buckeye tom filled a 5 gal bucket full of gills in an hour on Rupert... best fishing i ever seen anywhere...