how does indian creek or 4 mile look

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    how is the clarity on indian and 4 mile today
  2. My kids took me fishing for father's day. Since the creeks were still pretty high and muddy, we hit Harkers Run, which runs through the Miami U Nature Pre
    serve just east of Oxford off of Rt 73. The creek was great for the kids -- lots of splashing, getting muddy and all around fun. The best part was that we found a little hole with creek chubs (I think that's what they are)- from 4" to 12" and a few bluegill, to boot. They hit on red worms and wax worms. I wanted to walk down to 4 mile creek, which is close by, but I didnt think my kids (or my wife) would want to. All in all, a great father's day. When I go back by myself (or just with my son), I WILL wade down to 4 mile creek. It is a great location -- close parking, patrolled by security, no access problems.

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