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How do you make beer batter perch?

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Two, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Two


    :rolleyes: oO(man it would be great if there was a recipe section.) Jus messing with ya! :p But sounds good to me. But seriously, To all the people involved making this site happen, "Gulp,Gulp" (chug of Bud) Great job, and thanks.
  2. Two


    0-14 14 views and not one of them know how to make beer batter perch? I see crappie recipes but I don't want them to taste crappie. :p

  3. Use beer in place of specified liquid in your favorite batter recipe. Thats what I did and didn't think it was that great. Believe it is better to simply fry in the usual manner and serve with lots of beer. :D
  4. I just use a cornmeal recipe with whatever spices I decide to throw in, clean, rinse, and pat dry the filets...then throw the filets in a heavier beer, usually a lager (no lite beers) for a few minutes. Roll in the cornmeal and deep fry. This method for me typically gives the filets a bit of a beer taste, seperate from the taste of the cornmeal and spices.
  5. Two


    Thanks shortdrift and lil'rob, I used just egg, milk, and flour w/ s&p last time and it was good but just boring. The wife came home from the store and said she seen something for cooking fish. Brought me home...... Mr.Crappie Fish and critter Fry? :rolleyes: oO(some how crappie was going to get brought up) lol If it dosen't cluck, oink, or moo. She's not eatting it. I was woundering how "critters" and fish are cooked withe the same stuff here? I'll try one of your two ways I think.
  6. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I throw a bottle of beer in and mix with pancake or biscuit mix. I prefer for the bowl, 5 for me ;)
  7. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    That Mr. Crappie stuff ain't half bad...I tried it a couple of weeks ago myself.

    Beer batter that I use that draws raves is simple - cup of flour, 1 egg, cup of flat dark beer, cajun spice, lots of course black pepper, and salt. Make sure the beer is flat, and let the batter chill after you make it in the fridge. Dredge the fish in cornstarch and dip in batter, good stuff.
  8. bttmline

    bttmline E.B.C.C. Founder

    i fully agree with shortstick, deep fry in a light breading and wash down with beer,
  9. What happens if the beer isn't flat?
  10. Dingo


    It foams up and may be hard to handle when used in a batter or dough. Most recipies call for flat beer, but opening the beer and letting it sit until the carbonation dies down can cause an oxidized taste. For a fresher taste, try whisking the fresh beer in a separate bowl to release some of the excess carbonation, and let it settle a little before measuring into a recipe.

    Easiest way to use beer is to substitute some or all of the liquid ingredients (milk or water) with beer. My favorite for perch/walleye is to first marinate the fish in the beer mixture (beer/egg/seasonings) for a little bit, then dredge in crumbled ritz cracker crumbs with more spices (like cajun spice, cayenne, etc). yum!
  11. I use Bisquick and Beer. Open the beer and let it sit and go flat. Taste great. I have also used the Bass Pro Shops Uncle Bucks mix. Not bad either.
  12. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Take some flour, add salt, peeper, seasoning salt, and powdered ground ginger. Add enough beer to make batter the same thickness as pancake batter.

    Dust the fillets in cornstarch. This will make the batter stick better to the fish. Wet batter won't stick as well to wet fish fillets. Drop into 360 degree oil until GBD (golden brown delicious). Set fillets on a draining, or wire rack, not on paper. Salt and pepper as soon as they are removed from the oil.

    Another tip: do not use egg yolks in any batter that you are going to use for frying. The fattiness in the yolks invites the fat (oil used for frying), to join it, and the end result will be a very greasy coating on the fish.
  13. Two


    Thanks everyone for the reply! I made some perch the other night and it was real good. The only thing I did wrong I see was put the fish on a brown paper bag but it did make them mushy on that side. I'll put them on a rack next time like Hetfieldinn said. Thanks again all and have a Merry Christmas.
  14. Yeah, most of the posters pretty well got it. Experiment a little with the spices but the essential components are the bisquick and a case of beer. Drink 8 beers,mix up a little egg and milk, dip your fillets into the mix (lemon pepper and Bisquick) and roll around, additional layering optional according to preference of breading thickness. Drop fillets into your deepfrier (350 degrees), and remove when floating. Don't forget, by this time you've copped a buzz so be careful with that hot cooking oil. Then drop in the fresh cut french fries in the used cooking oil. Enjoy, take a nap, wake up and dust off the final 16 beers in your case. The beer you consume will adhere to the batter in your stomach therefore making "beer battered fish." If you wake up with a headache in the morning, maybe back 'er down to an 18 pack next time. Not that I'm an expert, but thats how I do 'er.
  15. Here it is:
    Buy MCCormicks beer batter mix. Product link below

    Most grocery stores carry it in the spice aisle, or in the seafood section. Mix according to bag. I half the recipe for 10-15 fillets. Make sure you half the beer or it will be way to runny. Oil should be 360degrees. GET A THERMOMETER!!!When you place the fish in the oil, the temp will decrease so you will have to adjust the temperature to keep a constant 360.
    if its not hot enough, your fish batter will be light yellow and doughy, and hold a lot of oil. At the right temp, when you put the fish in the oil kind of sears the batter instantly, making it crunchy, flaky, and not act like a sponge and hold oil.

    As you can see, temp is critical. Last time I made it, I halfed the recipe but put a whole can of beer in. I had to add flour to thicken and it tasted like crap.
    I use this all the time for Erie perch and its awesome.

    Also you can use any oil, but I prefer peanut oil. Its light and it smokes at a higher temp than others.
  16. catlover

    catlover Banned

    If you want it crunchier. sub one third of the flour with corn starch. This will also keep it from soaking up as much oil.
    just a thought