How do you get to Twin Creek

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  1. I have looked around and I can't figure out how to get to Twin Creek. I used and goole earth. If anybody could pm and give me some help or leave me something here on the forum. Thanks.

  2. I know, but that still doesn't tell me how to get there. Where on West Alex or in W. Alex. Same for Germantown and so forth. Not trying to sound like an idiot. Probably too late for that.
  3. Go to look for Germantown Park. I believe it has a link on the page for directions to it.

    otherwise got to mapquest and type in Germantown Dam under find a business and Germantown, OH for city and state. select Germantown Dam and you can get directions to from that.
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    Take 725 into germantown, turn south on cherry street. As you are getting to the edge of town off to your right you will see a parking lot for the bike trail. Walk back the trail maybe 100 yds you will see an old barn next to the trail and see paths to the creek. Easy wading or bank fishing from there. Went last week and caught 2 sm 1 lm 1 rock bass and a creek chub. Had many strikes also. Fish were all small but fast fun action.
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    don't want to go to w alex...not very good public access. areas that are near there are over fished and not even worth wetting a line. head down to the metro park at germantown dam, might have a lot better luck.
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    You can also try further north into Preble County, Take I-70 west to Route 503, go south. 503 kinda parallels the creek for awhile, many of the crossroads have access to the creek. Its warm enough now to wade in jeans and sneakers. (Ive learned the hard way not to wear shorts, you may have to walk the banks through stinging nettles!)