How do you get a workers permit?

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  1. My 15 1/2 year old son wants to get a job this summer. The application calls for a workers permit. I went on line and got a form but it doesn't say where to take it after he fills it out....
  2. tell him to get it all from school.

  3. My son needed a physical for his job permit. They wouldn't take the one he had for wrestling. We couldn't get an appointment for his regular doctor. We ended up going to one of those urgent care clinics. $35.00 and 30 minutes later, he had his permit physical. The funny part was when the doctor came to get me for the "Hernia Exam". Since my son was a minor, the doctor needed another adult present. The doc asked "You know what a hernia exam is, dontcha"? I said "Turn your head and cough"? We both laughed. My son was petrified that some bizarre test was coming up. It didn't help when told to "cough", my son kinda "squeaked". The doc barked at him "Cough like you got a pair, boy"!!!

    While we were driving home, my son asked "How the heck does *THAT* prove I have a hernia or not"?!?!?!?
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    When I was 16 (many many years ago) the workers permit had to be signed by the school. I think my guidence counseler or someone in the office signed mine. Ask at school, if they dont need to fill it out im sure they know what to do.
  5. as mentioned above. Contact the school. He will probably need a physical, also mentioned above, lol.
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    How long have teenagers needed a work permit? I feel old.