How do you fish zoom flukes ??

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by PeteZ, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. PeteZ


    Hey everybody ! Anyone got spring fever ? My boy and I have been gearing up and I'm wondering what's the best method to fish zoom super fluke jrs ? I've heard they're good. We normally river/creek fish for smallmouth and spillway fish for 'eyes. THANKS for any tips !
  2. Hi Pete.... You might want to post this in the forum Tackle Talk.. I'm sure you will get a response there.. Wish I could help you out....


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    I'd say don't bother with the juniors. Use the super fluke with the slit on the underside. I rig it with the hook upside down with the shank sitting in the slit un the underside. The point of the hook sticks in the upper part of the back so it comes through the top when a fish strikes.
    Use the round bend hooks.
    I also will put a red bead between the bullet sinker and the hook. Make it swim back and forth as you retreive it. When you get to a hole in the weeds, let it drop to the bottom and twitch a few times before swimming it again.

    For numbers by far but I use pearl and rig upside down with a 2/0 or 3/0 round bend gamak$*$ hook. The round bend hook really reduces the number of missed strikes.
    I also usually use a 1/32, 1/16 or 1/8 bullet weight and let it slide if I'm fishing heavier weeds
  4. Marshall

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    You can also rig it texas style with a big hook, and then tie a swivel onto your main line and add a 1 foot leader to the bait. This will help with line twist and you fish it weightless and just cast it out and slowly twitch it back. It looks like a dying baitfish. Good luck.
  5. fisharder

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    Try rigging two flukes about 10 to 12 inches apart with a three way swivel
    I have found it to be much more productive way of fishing this bait.
  6. heres a little different opinion. I love fluke juniors. as long as your using 8-10 lb test so that they still have good action. I rig them with the slot down and rarely miss a fish. use a 3/0 wide gap offset hook. If your fishing in current and you want the bait to get down to the fish more. use a rear weighted hook and try to make the bait fall horizontally. If you are fishing in a creek thats just rocky without logs and weeds try keeping the hookpoint exposed about a quarter inch it will help you hook fish easier.

    the number one thing about fishing with soft jerkbaits is pay attention to how you are working it so that you can repeat that motion when you get a hit. Also so that you can vary your action until you find what the fish want that day.
  7. OSU_Fisherman

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    I mainly fish them in lakes and ponds, so my tip may not help you a whole lot unless the current is not real swift. I have had some of my best days with Super Flukes down at AEP.

    I rig it weightless on a 3/0 Red Gamakatsu hook w/ the slit down and hook emerging from the back. Of course, I re-insert the tip of the hook into the plastic to make it weedless.
    At AEP I usually crimped a couple split shot (1/32 or 1/16oz) about 8-10 inches up the line. If you're working with current, you could probably just up the weight a little. Although, if its a rocky bottom you're probably going to want to opt for a bullet weight which you can either Carolina Rig or Texas Rig.

    At AEP the most productive retrieve for me was more of a lift-pause-reel type of retrieve. Not as slow as you'd fish a worm, but you still need a bit of a pause.

    Good Luck
  8. I use the super flukes as well but for some reason I have got the best action when I crimp a small split shot about 3 inches from the hook. I fish them like a jerk bait with pretty much constant twitching action, sometimes I'll fish them on top of the water and other times I will fish them almost exactly as you would a plastic worm. Its a very versatile bait, if I can't catch them on something else I will tie on a fluke, as to why I don't use them first, I don't know. Flukes have kept me from getting skunked a ton of times.
  9. the more active the fish the faster the bait can fall. the more inactive the less weight and the slower the fall you need.
  10. They can also be fished rigged on a jig head in the spillway. Just adjust the weight of the jig to the conditions- current/depth, etc.
  11. PeteZ


    Thanks everyone ! I'll give em a try.
  12. RareVos

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    Yeah, I fish the jrs on a 1/16 or 1/32 jighead with an offset hook. You can still jerk em up but the go nose down when the line slacks. I may also throw it on a standup jighead if I'm feeling extra crazy that day.
  13. JamesT

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    I like to circle hook them through the nose as well. Gives a good action but you they eventually fly off if you are casting aggressively.
  14. Using them with an exta wide gap hook try crimping a split shot or 2 on the shank of the hook. This will cause the bait the float down horizontally on the fall. The whole bait will shimmy on it's way down. This is a very good technique when fishing around a lot of weeds. the fluke junior works just as rigging it this way, just make sure you guide your hook straight throught the bbait, if not the action will not be staight.
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    I bought some hitchhikers,they screw into your fluke and you attach them to your hook its sorta like a banjo minnow
  16. EWG 4/0 hook on the salty super fluke and skin hook. The hook acts a little like a keel. This can be dog walked on top or fished just sub surface or counted down. I like the crazy darting action with no additional weights. This is also about the most weedless rig I can think of, better than worms done the same way. Great dragged over slop and dropped in the holes.