How do you beat the heat??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Stampede, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Stampede

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    I know how i do,Have my ultralight in the truck,save my zip lock from lunch for my wallet and head for the creek.First thing i do when i get there is set everything on the bank and take a dunk.Then procede to fish,man what a relief.When it's been in the 90's plus,that's what i,ve been doing.First couple times i didn't catch anything,but didn't care,had fun.Yesterday went to a different creek and ran into a bunch or rock bass.
  2. I beat it the same way I always do. I go fishing. I am a wader, so I beat the heat by wading in the water and fishing. I will be doing it tomorrow and maybe this weekend. :G

  3. I stay as close as I can to our central air system. Best investment my wife and I ever made. I just do what I absolutely have to outside, during the day, and the h___ with everything else. Fishing has been throttled back a tad because of the heat but hope to get out next week and chase some Musky's.
    Keep cool ya'll.
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    Same here Old Graybeard, But the Heat is 3 times worse on me than anyone else. I have had 8 Back operations & the nerves in my Spine & lower back are incased in Scar tissue (Arachnoiditis). So when I move & Since my Nerves are really hurting all the time, they send the signal to the brain to sweat more. Its called Hyperhydrosis ! I sweat so much I have to change clothes 3 time a day if Im doing anything outside. Its even this way in the winter months. I cant even walk thru Walmart without sweating my whole Hat & shirt full of sweat. But there is no cure or Medicene that the Dr. Has recommended. Ill be asking him again in August. Its just way to much for me, It makes me not even want to go out on some days. When I go nite fishing I have to take a change of cloths with me to change into later. I take 3 hats with me too, I cant stand having a wet head & nite. I have to drink alot of fluids everyday just to stay Hydrated to a regular level. I hate it so much its not funny. I think I sweat more than 4 people put together, No kidding. I just hope the Dr. Has some new Meds for it when I see him.

    Cat Mazter
  5. Central air, Miller High Life, what else do I need?
  6. skinny dipping in the pond at night with the wife
  7. Cat Mazter

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    Now thats what Im talking about !! :D ;) :D
  8. Doesn't sound like fun CATMASTER. Hang in there and look forward to cooler weather. I know I am. Can't wait for fall. (my favorite time of year)
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    I put the throttle down on that V6 YAMAHA when I can afford the gas. :p
  10. ShakeDown

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    Fishing at night, and waterskiing during the day.
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    Play a 6:10 softball game in shorts instead of ball pants.