How do i make a pier net?

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  1. hey guys i was wondering what the best way to make a long handled (10') pier net would be. i would like to keep it relatively cheap but i understand it's going to be at least $40 or $50. any help would be appreciated. i have been brain storming but haven't come up with too many ideas and the ideas i have come up with i am having trouble finding materials. thanks!
  2. When I was hitting the piers the last couple of seasons, I 'borrowed' my neighbors pool skimming net (net used to skim leaves and other debris from the pool water), and attached one of my net hoops to it. It worked perfectly, and extended from 12' to 18'.

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    add a 10 ft piece of conduit with some nuts/bolts.
  4. i thought about that but it weighs about 50 lbs. i found 1" aluminum pipe but its $15 for an 8' section. i am liking the pool net handle idea but i have to find one first.
  5. A 50# net.
    Oh my gosh !