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How did the Presque isle do this weekend

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Mr.Bass., Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    Hey guys where are the Presque reports? Didnt Big daddy go?
  2. I posted my report, complete with pix, Saturday night. It's on here.

  3. ohioman76

    ohioman76 Avid Crappie Hunter

    Walleyeman and myself headed up on Sunday 20050306. We got there at 0630 and set up shop on lot three. We drilled some holes and used the Vexilar to locate fish. After we saw fish we sent the aquavu down to investigate. We saw alot of Perch swimming around some pine trees. After we set up the shanti we started fishing. we caught alot of six inch perch with the occasional ten incher plus. The only problem was the dang smelts kept attacking before the perch could get to it. We were watching this the whole time on the aquavu. After a couple of hours we decided to walk down to lot two. Walleyeman made me drag the shanti which was extremely difficult because of the wind. We started fishing around 1000 and found the gills were a little finicky at first. Didn't start biting until I took the split shot off my line. After that the gills decided to go suicidal. After the wind slowed down we decided to set up some tip ups. We put minnows on five tip ups and went back in the shanti. I went out to check the tip ups a half hour later and to my joy I discovered a large 11 inch Crappie waiting. For some reason he didn't set off the tip up. Around 1600 I decided to leave Walleyeman in the shanti at lot two and I walked over to lot three with my pole, a bucket of minnows, and the aquavu. After a half hour of looking for our old holes we drilled earlier in the day I started fishing after I found them. The Perch were in the exact same spot only bigger. I caught 5 11 inch perch in a matter of 10 minutes. After them the bite just stopped for some reason. I looked at the aquavu and saw not a single fish. I guess they were roaming around in a school. Walked all the way back to the shanti and fished for gills again. Overall the final numbers for the day were 40+ 9 inch gills (we were being very selective) 12 10+ inch perch, and one 11 inch perch. That has to be the best lake for panfish I have ever seen. Thank you to everyone on this web site especially Carl (Big Daddy). He was always quick to email a response to all my questions as well as all the rest of you. My only regret is I didn't get to meet any of you. I'm looking forward to hopefully a fantastic summer of open water and if anyone wants to fish the Mahoning Valley area P.M. me. Thanks for the great times OGF.