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    Them Indians huh? Pretty kickass I must say. :D
  2. What is really scary is that their best power hitter Hafner is having a sub par year for him so far. Check out his average with runners in scoring position. Can you imagine the offense when he gets cranked up ? The way the young outfielders are playing I would have to say Trot Nixon's days with the Tribe are numbered. For the huge investment his numbers are below average at best.

    Best news of all is the pitching just continues to get better. Westbrook and Lee are getting back to what they have done in the past. CC has been lights out most of the season and Fausto is going to be really something as he continues to develop. The Bird Man gives the team a better than 50-50 shot to win when he pitches so all in all a pretty impressive starting rotation.

    Still not sold on bull pen and Borowski as the closer but at least they are holding the fort so to speak.