how bout them browns

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  1. WOOOO! that was a nail biter...the defense looked good! look out detroit!

    GO BROWNS!!!!
  2. I saw a lot of good things tonight. First, Charlie Frye looked good throwing for 122 yards. Jamal Lewis didn't play much, but still managed to average 5 yards per rush on 4 carries. The defense looked really good. Eric Wright had a great start to the preseason. He is a promising rookie. All in all, I was very pleased with the Browns play tonight. I am anxious to see them play next week. It will allow me to see more and to assess from there. This was only their first preseason game.


  3. I saw some signs of hope but also some areas of concern.
    1. Frye moved team but could not put ball in end zone
    2. Two big bone head plays by Frye the lateral and the running with no time left at end of 1st half.
    3. Changing the defense on KCs last drive , allowing them an oppurtunity to almost win.
    4. Special teams play except for the TD was marred by bad decisions.
    5. Defense did look good but KC ran a very vanilla offense.

    I hope these problems are attributable to 1st game jitters and excitement. Next week should answer at least if we show some improvement. Best thing was the play of the OL. Lets hope that continues.
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    the more things change... the more they stay the same . look at the time of posession and w/ 2 turnovers the score should have been higher for us?????????.
  5. We have to remember that this was just the 1st exhibition game, but I also was impressed with Wright, & the O-line play looked better than in the past. Let's just hope for no further injuries & continued improvement.

    BTW, Bernie Kosar had me laughing at least twice when he said, "I think the Ref's dead." (when the ref got taken down), & "Harrison just made my list, & I don't mean my Christmas list." (that was after he gave up on the lateral).
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    The Browns played pretty well considering it was the 1st preseason game. Charlie threw the ball really well, and showed that with protection, he can get the ball to his receivers accurately. Would like to see them eliminate BONEHEAD plays, like the one before halftime.:mad: Overall, I'm looking forward to getting these next three games over with, and keeping everyone healthy so we can Beat the Steelers on opening day!!:D GO BROWNS!!!
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    I've been a devout browns fan going back to the 60's.

    I really, really, really, want them to become a winning team again.

    The reality is, to me at least, is that they still look just like they look every year since coming back to Cleveland.

    I want to believe, I really do, but I just can't.

    Can anyone say 6 and 10, and good bye Romeo?
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    why does everybody blame the coach , we have had a few winning coaches ,but only when they were not here in cleveland???????????whats with cleve and the coaches???? i tooo want to believe but there only so much a coach can do to get frye to not do bonehead stunts among all the other stuff!!!!
  9. Yeah i like Crennel he's a good coach from a solid winning team..Patience..:)

    "BTW, Bernie Kosar had me laughing at least twice when he said, "I think the Ref's dead." (when the ref got taken down), & "Harrison just made my list, & I don't mean my Christmas list." (that was after he gave up on the lateral)."

    yeah was it me or did bernie sound alittle sauced..i think he's taken one to many hits...but who knows them brownies can drive ya to drinkin ;)
  10. The Steelers will kick their a$$es! They still have BIG problems so don't kid yourself.:p
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    It's never just the coaches fault but they are the first one that will have the finger of responsibility pointed at them for losing ways.

    A big company doesn't make money the CEO gets replaced, his fault or not. Don't even think that if the Browns have yet another dismal season that Romeos job isn't in jeopardy. Right or wrong it will still be a reality.
  12. What is all the smack talk from the Steeler gallery. Did you guys make the playoffs last season? Can you guys beat Baltimore? Don't instantly think that you guys are a lock for the playoffs.
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    Your right, the Browns have alot to prove till you can consider them a good team. For some reason though, they have found ways to beat the Steelers with some VERY bad teams since coming back into the league in 1999! It will happen this year too...MARK MY WORD!!!;)
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  14. I'm too lazy too look at the other page to see if anyone said it yet so...
    I think all in all the Browns looked okay and I was impressed with our O-line and keep in mind that we were missing Steinbach and could still possibly get Bentley in there this year. I like Lewis at RB and saw the first hint of a running game since Ben Gay tore it up a couple of pre seasons ago. I still am not happy with Frye and his inability to go through his progressions and totally agree with Kosar's assesment of Anderson and his overconfidence in his arm strength. Our defense looked like a preseason defense so dont get too high or low on them yet because it takes a good 4-5 games for the defense to gel and start stiffining up so by week one we should be okay. I was impressed with Wright but the kid needs to start turning his head and look for the ball or its gonna be a penalty filled year for him. Thomas pretty much played as expected and looked real dominant at time and other times he got a little sloppy with his footwork and got in a little trouble . As far as the STEELER DUDE, c'mon....You know as well as I do that this is the Ravens division this year but I will give your franchise respect for picking up Woodly and Timmons. They are gonna at worst be solid players but I honestly think you guys have a future star in Woodly but right now Woodly is about the most hated man on my list being an ex scUM player and now playing for your anal wart of a franchise.
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    At least they were entertaining. Not like the Indians who are going nowhere as in every year. They are really boring !
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    Quinn looked good with a clipboard! Go Browns