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How big is your early spread??

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by BigChessie, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. BigChessie

    BigChessie BIG PIMPIN' "GIGELO"

    Wondering what kinda spread everyone uses for the early season on the ducks and geese. I perfer large numbers of geese put out in family groups. During the late season big numbers just in large migrating flocks. Early season,warmer weather ducks I like to not use large numbers but smaller groups spread out. Cold weather ducks I put them close together to mimick staying warm and protection from the weather. Does anyone use the "X" for geese? How about what do you prefer? Silos,shells,FB's?
  2. I only hve 7 geese and about two doz ducks. SO I use them all when ever I go out. I wish I had more for the late season b/c I do have a hard time getting late season geese to come to in. I think calling has a lot to due with how many birds you take. when I was with pete the other guy that was close had like 40 in his spread but didn't call thats why he came home with a bird and they didn't! I like to use the weighted keel they are a %&^% to carry but they do well in waves.

  3. Used 2 dozen carrylites last year cause we had to walk in, got a boat finally and took down our restles from way back in the day and put a new paint job on them this week. Have some other super mag solid black foams plus the spinner. Total have I about 4-5 dozen now and if you include my buddies we have about 7 between us. Probablly use about 2-3 dozen early on. Lots of people think less is more early on but at least for the opener i'm going to use a big spread. Only have 1/2 dozen ghg goose floaters for the marsh and anothe dozen shells if i can ever find a field. After getting a boat, new gun, and new calls i figured my major purchases are done for the year so I'm gonna hold off on filling up my honker spread till next year. If anyone makes it north this season to hunt the coast let me know, it'd be fun to do a hunt together.
  4. I keep my spread to a minimum early in the early season, usually only a 1/2dz. Mallards, 4 woody's, and for or five geese, 1dz mallards tops. I increase in numbers as the season progresses. I do however agree with and would do if i had the capacity, setting out a few dozen geese in a few family groups.
  5. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    For early ducks, I usually set out two dozen mallards, a couple woodies, and two or three geese off to the side, with a mojo out in front of the blind. I throw in two sleepr dekes, and a couple duck butts. I make a "V" out of the dekes in front of the blind for the landing zone, or death alley, as I call it.

    For field geese, I usually do the "C" pattern with shells (3-4 doz), and three Bigfoot(s) in the middle, with the mojo in the landing zone. I switch to the family pods later in the season.