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How big a bait is too big ?

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by billm_usa1, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. UFM82

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    I had seen the first picture but not the rest of the story. Pretty amazing what can happen out there.

    I have seen animals in funny situations before. Fish with weird stuff in their guts, animals with stuff on them, ( like the fox with the pantyhose on it. I'll have to tell you all that one sometime.) I've seen deer with plastic bags stuck in their antlers.

    We used to feed the squirrels up in Michigan marshmallows. They would grab the thing and proceed to eat off the outside. That would leave them with a gooey blob that would stick all over their paws. Then we would chase them through the campground and all the pine needles would stick to their paws and they couldn't run anymore. ( Yea, it was cruel, but pretty darn funny). Wish I could have gotten that on film.

    Thanks for putting that here.


  2. I once saw a real nice buck dragging a 10 ft. section of fence from his rack. He seemed to be doing ok with it in the open fields.
  3. mrfishohio

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    Glad to see the fish survived......didn't look like 50# to me though... :rolleyes: