How are the rivers?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rweis, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Is low water still a problem in your area? How's the river and creek fishing?
  2. We got a pretty good downpour this morning in the Akron area. I have been at work all day so I can't tell you what the levels look like. They're probably still a little low, but better than they were. I'm just guessing though.

  3. I'll be going out today, tell you after that. I have been having some good luck with little guys, but no bigguns yet in the Kent area.
  4. Rock gardens up north.
  5. No luck for me. Went out to Killbuck near Wooster last night. River was a little high and very muddy. The water I passed on the way to work today looked better than it did yesterday. Should be back to normal by tomorrow or Saturday.
  6. Went down to Cascade yesterday for a couple of hours, water had a slight stain, about normal pool...ended up with 1 nice 13" smallie, fought like a rock, and 2 other smaller ones. Caught the 13"er on bill norman 'fatboy'.
  7. me and my friends hit the hoga for a few hours yesterday. The water level was nice at first but rose upand was all murky by the time we left that evening. Ended up with 8 smallies between 12 and 18", 6 of them were over 15 ". We ended the day without catching any small ones which was very odd. The day before I caught 10 in the rocky but only 3 of them were in the 12-16" range. I saw tons of carp in the rocky and the water level was pretty low.
  8. Guys - thanks for the feedback. I really enjoy the comraderie of these boards. If you ever need any updates on areas around Columbus, just let me know. Thanks again.
  9. I wanna take back my post. I was out at Killbuck last night. It's looking good. Back to normal. I'd say it's probably safe to say the same for Mohican or any of the other area rivers.