How and where do you catch catfish ?

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  1. I know this sounds a little whiney but I really could use some advice. I recently started getting into catfishing as something to do after work other than go to the bar (I work second shift so its a good fit). Just not sure what one's gotta do to catch this things ? I go up to Alumn Creek mainly and "tight line", but have had very little luck. I've used dough baits, stink baits, and beef livers. Usually throw in around 11pm and leave around 1am Can't even get a nibble. Any ideas on what I should be trying or where on Alumn I should be going other than around the boat ramps or the public access off of 37 ? Thanks in advance for your advice !!!

  2. There are many different baits to chose from. Try using chicken liver, shad (cut and fresh preferably), live bluegill or sunfish (whole or cut up), raw chicken breast, raw shrimp, and night crawlers seem to do the trick. I haven't had much luck at Alum in the past, so I usually don't go there. Right now is kind of a tough time because they are nearing the end of their spawn, and the weather has been crazy. I hope this helps a little, and good luck.
  3. I don't typically fish for catfish, but I have been catching them quite often recently. I use carolina rig and put a nightcrawler on the hook. Have the line tightened and just wait for the rodtip to bent. It seems even a small catfish can rock the rod. That is my experience with unwanted catfish ( I was fishing with this set-up for saugeye, but got 6 catfish in a row last Saturday)
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    Smaller Bluegills, goldfish, suckers, chubs, shad (live or cut), shiners, larger bass minnows....if you want to catch big cats, rigged on an egg sinker heavy enough to keep the bait down above a swivel. with a two or three foot leader. Location is always the key. Fish upstream of logjams or brush piles, in the scour holes from dams or deep holes with ledges and access to flats. Channels should be easy to catch as they'll eat just about anything you throw at them. Flatheads and blues prefer live bait. Don't always jump at the first sign of a tap, unless your pole is heading for the water as a lot of time flatheads and blues like to "taste" their bait and alot of times will sit with the live bait in their mouths and not really necessarily swallow or eat the bait. I can tell you many times where I've let a cat play for a good 5 minutes or more before he actually took off and had the bait completely in its mouth. Try the Howard Rd. area. I've caught many channels there on accident using twisters and even on rooster tails. Hope that helps.
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    As mentioned bait choice is key, the best by far all around bait for cats is shad, getting the shad is the next step you can buy it frozen at bait stores but I have much better success with fresh shad. Buy a cheap cast net from walmart (practice in yard before taking it out for the 1st time, you tube has alot of instructional video's also)and throw it near the ramp at Howard rd. That spot almost always produces a couple at least, you can use them cut or whole depending on your hook size. Also when fishing at night from bank dont cast out as far as you can, the cats roam the shallows at night, and by shallow i mean 4 or 5 ft from bank. Try tossing near structure just like you were targeting Bass. I have my best luck at Alum north of Howard Rd. Good luck keep trying you'll get em!
  6. I seem to catch more channels on the river when the water is slightly high on bass minnows, nothing huge 1-2 pounds on average.
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  8. if you want to catch some cats, go up to Indian Lake. Friend has a lake house on seminole island, and we'd throw raw brats from his dock. Never been skunked in over 15 years. Always catch at least one.

    Also we've been catching a good amount of cats at Griggs res. on worms. Last time out, we caught 5 catfish in under an hour.

    I guess it has to do with being at the right place, right time. But i have the most sucess fishing cats in rivers, or lakes with muck bottoms, like indian.:B
  9. Thanks for the info in the thread lots of good reading, with the bluegill heads do you just take them off like you were cleaning them?? I guess what Im getting at is how much to use and whats the best size gill?? are turtles a problem with gills.