How about those Bengals!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by scott17b, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Now I have been a Bengals fan since birth. Am I just crazy to keep hanging on or what! In the back of my mind I keep saying they will win one day... one day after Im dead and gone? Anyone else feel this way?
  2. ScottB

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    Just wait until they get the new stadium. Mike Brown says that once they have that, they will be competitive.

    Wait a second......:confused: :confused: :confused:

  3. Mike Brown just needs to realize that he can't build a team from the penal league MVP's.
  4. I feel your pain man. I just don't know what to do anymore:(
  5. I am a Steelers fan, I went to the playoff game in Cincy two years age and was treated so badly I hope they never win another game and the team is moved to Mexico.
  6. H2O Mellon

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    I hope they start 0-8 as I think that would call for a head coaching change. I like Marvin, but I think he's just an average at best coach. We need someone who can take them to the next level. (Better scouting would also help!) ;)
  7. From a Browns fan...........somebody HAD to win that game!!!! Don't fret Scott, once the parole board meets and the Bengals are back to full out AFC North!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  8. ezbite

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    LOL...i went to a pitt/buffalo game in pitt on a monday night several years ago and i feel the same way about the steelers. just plain mean disrespectful fans. i will never go to that city again.

    cinci fans, never give up on your team, because you never know.
  9. Yeah I thought they were serious about winning the game when they recovered that onside kick. Then something like four plays later the Cowboys had a touchdown. UHH!
  10. cantsleep

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    They'll never be consistent winners until the culture of losing is changed.
    That change MUST start at the top of the organization.
  11. Same thing was said about the Reds. I think losing is in the water in Cincy. :( Glad I'm a Browns fan though. :rolleyes:
  12. If your a fan of a visiting team you can expect to be harrassed for a lack of a better word, Im not condoning it in any way, I wish other teams fans would show a little more respect, a little teasing is fine, but you can cross the line, but its that way in every NFL city accross the country(College to) I dont know exactly what happened but its my guess that Cincinnati pales in comparison to some towns.
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    draft pick. thats how i feel about the rest of the season. im rooting for either laurinitis or mauluga
  14. They won't draft either of them two due to the fact that each have clean criminal records.
  15. Mauluga...we still need massive front 7 help even though we have spent some pretty big money there.
  16. Just curious of some opinions on what was said by Marvin Lewis today about how he likes the team despite that they are 0-5. I personally think that he has given up on the team and that he is just agreeing with Mike Brown just to save his job. Any other opinions. By the way i'm calling this that the Bengals will beat Favre and the jets this coming sunday. 35-24
  17. Nope...I'm calling their first win will be against the Steelers. It is destined to happen!
  18. There are those who say that privately Lewis wants out anyway, if Brown fires him he owes him the rest of his contract through 2010 at 3 mill a year(plus he is bound to get a D-Cordinator job the minute he is cut loose) not a bad option when compared with getting beat down daily, There are reports out of Cincy that the Brown Family has said the job is his as long as he wants it, its obvious that Mike Brown still calls some shots down whether you can lay it all at Marvins feet is questionable, we havent drafted well the last couple years, this years class is a disaster so far with the exception of Rivers(Mike or Marvins fault you pick) people say we will beat the Jets or we will beat the Steelers(I hope both) but sometimes looking at this team I wonder if we are not going to end up like last years Dolphins going into the last month of the season looking for that 1st win.
  19. moondog5814

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    EZ, If I wore my Steeler jersey to a Steelers vs. Buffalo game in Buffalo, I would get tore up. It is like that anywhere, when you go to an opposing teams home field. I know that I will see and hear all kinds of garbage when I go to a Steelers vs. Browns game in Cleveland. You just need to prepare yourself for the abuse. Granted, there are some really ignorant individuals, in all cities, who need their butts kicked for the stupid things that they say. I quit going to the games because of all of the garbage that goes on. It is better to watch it in the confines of my living room, anyway. are going down in a couple weeks! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!
  20. As many games as I have been to well of the three that i've been to, I would have to say the worst stadium to wear an opposing teams jersey shirt whatever has to be either wearing a Chargers jersey to the Black Hole or vice versa, I went to a Browns game this year when they played Dallas and "the boss" had me wear a Dallas shirt, it actually was not too bad. I support both the Bengals and Chargers since I was raised in San Diego and born in Wilmington, I honestly hope that both teams get on track and really soon before it gets too bad.