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  1. At that point Clark turned to onlookers and said, "I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat it

    i guess when your hungry your hungry

    "That's no way to treat a duck, you drunk. Now you win a trip to jail

    There was no chance this bird could duck before a Denver drunk got ahold of it.

    Indeed, it was lights out for a tame duck early Saturday morning, when Scott D. Clark, a guest at the Embassy Suites in St. Paul, Minn., cornered the poor fowl that lived in the hotel lobby's ornamental pond, the Associated Press reports. Clark then squeezed the animal and tore off its head while a hotel security guard and others watched, police said.

    At that point Clark turned to onlookers and said, "I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat it," said St. Paul police Sgt. John Wuorinen.

    "He was allegedly drunk," Wuorinen said.

    Allegedly drunk … hmmmm, you don't say? Well, that explains it.

    Clark, 26, of Denver, was detained by hotel security guards until police came to arrest him.

    He remained jailed yesterday on suspicion of felony animal cruelty and was scheduled to appear in court today to be charged, according to the AP.

    If convicted, he could face up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine, said Tim Shields, general counsel with the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies.

    A wild sidebar to the story is whom Shields chose to condemn — the hotel's management.

    Shields said the incident was "unconscionable," the AP reports, and that having live ducks in a hotel lobby puts the birds at risk of being stepped on or run over by suitcases.

    "I think Embassy Suites needs to take another look at this and review how they keep ducks safe, or use fish like most hotels would use," Shields said.

    Now hold on just a minute there. We rather like ducks living in hotel lobbies, thank you, Mr. Shields, and instead of blaming the victim – Embassy Suites, which lost its feathered friend – you might just further your cause by concentrating on taking the actual perp to task.

    Besides, don't fish count for anything? We'd rather not imagine what the killer would have done to any koi had the duck not been waddling around
  2. That is insane and down right wrong!

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong.......but them there ducks have been living in that hotel for AGES! Don't they "migrate" from the rooftop suite (nest) down the elevator and into the lobby every morning - accompanied by a doorman???

    I thought I read that years ago..........
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    what in the DUCK is going on at that hotel.hehehehe:p
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    EZ, you quack me up!

  6. I don't know about this hotel in question, but we stayed at a hotel in New York City where everyday at a certain time people would gather in the lobby to watch the ducks go through, same in the evening when they went back to the roof....was pretty neat in the middle of NYC.
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    ROTFLMAO!!!:D Small charge for the humor, I'll send you a bill
  8. Was the guy that killed the duck a guest? And if so I wonder if they put it on his bill.:p :p :p