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Discussion in 'Bass Discussions' started by Trophy Hunter, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Caught this 4.jpg one in a gravel pit. She weighed over 7lbs..
  2. Talk about a football! That has to be one of the fattest Lm bass I've seen. You catch that resently? Odd for it to be that fat this time of year. Nice catch!

  3. WOW What a hog!

    Someone please take me to one of these "secret" gravel pits so I can catch a new PB :)
  4. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Are you going to post this pic every week?
  5. Heres a stringer I got last year in wisconsin on the cranberry flowages,to put the pic in perspective the smallest bass was 20 inches and over 5 pounds,the big pig was 24inches and weighed just at 9 pounds

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  6. prochallenger ,they would look even better back in the water swimming away . that would be a great sack in a tourny.:B
  7. They look even better mounted on a stringer above my counter in my bait store,kind of a promo,thanks
  8. 9lbs would i think be a wisconsin record, and if those fish are somehow actually that big they would have all been upwards of ten years old. congrats i have never been able to knock out 40+years of fish in one fell swoop. did they taste good or did you just kill them to show them off, bait shop or no thats just irresponsible
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    Incorrect, the Wisconsin record largemouth bass of 11 pounds, 3 ounces was taken from Lake Ripley in Jefferson County in 1940, and Wisconsin's top smallmouth bass weighing 9 pounds, 1 ounce was pulled out of Indian Lake in Oneida County back in 1950.

    Here we go again on the C&R debate.....
  10. I catch hundreds of bass each year,some small any more large like this,I keep a few,this was a great stringer mount,to each their own,Im glad were in america were we have choices and dont have to listen to the status quoe,enjoy,and also these fish are that big,did I detect a bit of jealousy?Eat your heart out,also riverking your a idiot,ps they tasted great.
  11. Also in America we can choose NOT to patronize one's store. What was the name of yours?
  12. that is not a 9lb bass. sounds like the same old story...go to the bait store.....yeah they are bitin like crazy......even saw a guy catch a 10 pounder the other day..........I have caught 26 inch bass that were much fatter that weighed 8 lbs. Nice fish. Too bad they will never really weigh 9lbs.
  13. moderators can we please do somethimg about this guy. There is no need for this kind of talk on this site.
  14. better check your scale,although those are nice fish a 24" needs one hell of a belly to go 9#.
  15. Exactly! Go back to your little store!
  16. Do the math 24 inches x 18.8 inch girth,over 9 pounds if you can calculate,the fish doesnt have to have a fat gut to have a large girth,the fish was thick,it doesnt matter,ive seen these types on other forums,ready to put someone down,its the only time they comment,they lay in the weeds waiting,
  17. Yea really. Better count your change twice if you go to his store.You never did say the name of your store.
  18. Sorry,but i am not trying to downgrade anyone-just to here for realism,if you figure that fish at 24 inches and 18.8 inch girth,it is weighing right at 10 1/2 #. so,once again check your scale or the math.
  19. sorry I just get annoyed with people saying they catch 10 lb bass when they are indeed smaller. Or in this case a nice 6-7 pounder that weighs nine supposedly. It happens all the time and takes away from our sport and the guys that do catch a real trophy.
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