How about Madison Lake?

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  1. Anyone fished there lately theres a thread from '04 so I figured a new one would be alright. Thanks
  2. A buddy of mine duck hunts there quite a bit. I have never been there, but he said it looks like it would be a good place to fish.

  3. tpat


    havent fished it but i hear about lots of catfishing there
  4. Its been a long time since I fished it. Never been on it in a boat so thats why I was wondering. The bank fishing wasn't great. Although there is suppose to be some big whipers below the spillway FWIW
  5. I fished it once from a boat, caught some bass, crappies, and cat's. There was a guy walking around the dam with a monster wiper that he caught in the spillway.
  6. Fished there a couple weeks ago, after dark, Nice lake. Pretty slow night but got a cat, blue gill and this...[​IMG]
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    Have Catfished there a few times this summer and had decent success. Used to fish there alot many years ago and caught mostly small channels and bullheads. This summer the bullheads seem more common closer to the dam and the channels have been larger. Particularly around the beach area.
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    i have heard it is supposed to be a very good crappie lake but i do not know my self