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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Juan More Fish, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    Im gonna troll hoover tommrow after work. Lets see what im gonna get. Anyone else gonna be out there?
    Ill be in a scarlett and grey tracker boat. Looking for white bass or saugeye. any thing that bites trooling.:)
  2. If I can get out of work at a decent time today...yeah I was thinking about putting in at red bank and hitting some of those "swirls" as mushroomman put it ;). Starting about now thru fall I get a real kick out of chasing those white bass and the occasional smallmouth and saugeye feeding underneath. No trolling required.

    Misfit, you doing anything later this afternoon?

  3. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    dang, I was hoping this thread was about some new crazy technology - the hovering dam!
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    damn,i'm always a day late and dollar short.i had 3 stops in columbus today and just got home at 4:30.one stop was only 3 minutes from red bank too:(
    thanks for thinking of me though.next time maybe i won't be messing with all these docs:rolleyes:

    don't forget a report.
  5. JamesT

    JamesT Banned

    I'll look for your tracker. If you see my Old Town canoe, say hi. I just got it set up with a 9.9.
  6. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    :) My tennessee shads did pretty well tonight.
    Hit 3 crappie, and 2 catfish. A channel and a shovel head. The channel was 26 inches.
    Seen some one in a canoe. I think it was green?
    I was in the tracker with my daughter and son.

  7. No go for me last night :(. Didn't get home from work till 6:30pm.
    I'll be hitting Alum this afternoon (Sat) and plan to be at the New Galena ramp around 5:30 - 6:00. Misfit, call me on my cell if you're interested. Swollengoat and his crew will be there as well.
  8. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    I would like to thank the arrogant pinhead who was on a sail boat who cut my line then said i got it. Referring to my lure then took off.
    He was so close i could have almost touched his boat! He is so luck i didnt have a flair gun. I would have done something dumb like shoot his sail!
    But did happen to get 3 crappies and lost a huge fish. Fought for 30 mins, and then the line snapped!:(